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Talent Relations Coordinator

Wanted: Talent Relations Coordinator That Loves Penguins

Technically, you don’t have to love penguins to get this job. But if penguins are your thing, that’s cool too - we don’t judge.

Who Are We?

Now that you know we’re not penguin obsessed weirdos, you probably want to get to know us a little better (and we’re glad you do!).

Be My Guest is a podcast outreach and booking agency for entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and experts from all walks of life.

We serve our clients by booking them as guests on podcasts that reach their ideal customers and readers so they can get more publicity, grow their audience, and drive sales of their products and services.

What We Need

Main Goal: An amazing Talent Relations Coordinator who meshes well with our ambitious and fun team.

Stretch Goal: The above + someone who gives Ron Burgundy his due respect.

You’ll be helping our clients grow their businesses through podcast guest appearances (these interviews will be listened to by thousands of people).

This is a client facing role, so having a way with words via email, phone, and handwritten letters is a must.

Specifically, you will help us with:

  • Interview scheduling - Coordinating with podcaster’s and clients to book interviews at times that work best for each of them
  • Prep notes - Ensuring our clients have the prep and interview details needed prior to every interview
  • Project Management- Keeping our project management systems up to date (Trello/Asana/HubSpot) in real-time so we can best track client deliverables
  • Onboarding - Helping facilitate our client onboarding process
  • Random Acts of Kindness - Sending handwritten notes + gifts to podcasters and clients

The Starting Line:

  • You have an upbeat, bubbly, and friendly personality that shines through virtual communication. We’re a company run by young, talented, and fun individuals. If you don’t laugh at a good meme or get sarcasm we may not be a great fit.
  • You’re used to being the “backbone” for others. You’re outstanding at helping others make their mission possible.
  • You’re a good human (if you’ve ever kicked an animal that wasn’t attacking you or cursed at a homeless person please don’t apply).
  • On more than one occasion people (not your parents) have complimented how proactive you are.
  • You have internal motivation (we’re a fully remote company that does not micromanage).
  • Must live in the United States.

The Finish Line:

  • You are coachable and ego doesn’t get in your way (you’re happy doing high-level projects as well as mundane administrative tasks).
  • You can balance multiple projects at the same time (attention to detail test - use the word "fun" somewhere in your application).
  • You know the inner workings of Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs in a way that others may find disturbing.
  • You manage confidentiality without exception. You will be required to sign an NDA, as our client's privacy is very important to us.

The Victory Lap:

  • You have experience scheduling and managing calendars of multiple people at once.
  • You’re familiar with Trello, Asana, and/or HubSpot.
  • You’re a podcast fan.

Let’s Talk Logistics:

While we do get together in-person occasionally, we’re primarily a remote company. You can work anywhere you want - from your house, favorite coffee shop, co-working space, etc. :)

This is a full-time 40 hour per week contract position with a starting salary of $30,000/year.

Sidebar: We are a fast-growing company, and see this position leading to potential growth opportunities in the future.

Let’s Do This Thing:

To apply for this position, please follow the steps below exactly as they are listed:

1. Create a Google Doc for your application. Keep it well organized and easy to digest.

2. Include the following

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • URL of your Linkedin profile (if you have one)
  • URL of your website (if you have one)
  • URL of your Twitter (if you have one)
  • URL of your Instagram (if you have one)

3. Answer the following survey questions in the Google Doc (keep brevity in mind):

  1. Why do you want to work at Be My Guest?
  2. After reading the job description, why do you feel you are a strong fit for this role? Sell us on why we should hire you over everyone else. What differentiates you from your peers?
  3. Give us a brief description (in your own words, no resumes or CVs) of your background. Do you have experience that coordinates with what we’re looking for in this role?
  4. What have you improved on most during the last year, and what would you like to improve upon next?
  5. Share a particularly hard work-related problem you were able to solve. What made it so difficult, and how did you go about solving it?
  6. Do you listen to non-fiction podcasts or read blog posts. If so, what are some of your favorites?
  7. What is your work availability and desired work schedule? Please be as specific as possible with your availability on a day/week basis.
  8. Where did you hear about this job posting?
  9. Is there anything else we should know about you?

4. Send your application in one email to erik@bemyguest.fm and jonathan@bemyguest.fm

  • The subject line should read “BMG Talent Relations Coordinator: YOUR NAME”
  • The body of the email should include a link to the Google Doc and nothing else.

Note: If we like your email we will ask you to complete a test project free of charge to give us a better idea of how you operate hands-on. The work completed in said test project isn’t used for anything outside of gaining perspective on your work.

Thanks for your time! We know you could be on IG right now, but chose to spend time with us instead and we’ll never forget that. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • Be My Guest

Customer Care Representative

We're looking for a new teammate in our profitable, independent, andbootstrapped company (24 people from 15 different countries), and give you the opportunity to be part of a fascinating journey. We are 100% remote, and with a flat organizational structure. We’ve seen incredible growth over the last 8 years, driven by a talented and versatile yet small team.


We're looking for a Customer Care Representative (f/m/x) full-time, part-time 80 hours/month or on a mini-job basis.

An ideal candidate for this position has excellent communication skills, is a natural learner, an out-of-the-box thinker, empathetic, technically-minded, and unflappable. To succeed in this role, you must be highly adaptive and be able to work in a fast-paced, highly interactive environment.


  • a great work-life balance - work from wherever you are on a flexible shift schedule
  • no bullshit - we are a fact- and engineering-driven company (including the founders)
  • to work on something important. A lot of businesses say they change lives, but we actually do it. We've helped millions of people find love and happiness.
  • paid vacation
  • a competitive salary


  • provide friendly and efficient customer support by handling front-line issues via Zendesk email. Our award-winning apps are used by millions of active users every day
  • troubleshoot customer problems in a systematic, solution based and customer focused manner
  • moderate user content like profile photos
  • investigate reported abuse and take appropriate action
  • work agile with a motivated and innovative small team (including us, the two founders)
  • work on a mostly flexible schedule, but some weekend availability is expected.

  • have a high level of written and spoken fluency in German and English
  • have an accurate spelling and grammar
  • are committed and able to work independently
  • have an eye for detail
  • are tech savvy with sound computer skills
  • are able to work from home with a fast internet connection
  • are self-motivated and energetic
If this profile matches your expertise, experience, and aspirations, we’d be delighted to receive your full application, including references, salary requirements, and possible starting date.

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    • Jaumo

    Senior Frontend Web Developer

    What We Do

    Simply put, we make websites easier to use. Through a scientific method of determining which site improvements result in actual performance improvements, we replace the old way of designing sites through gut feel and management opinions with designing sites through data.

    A/B Test Engineers leverage knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and SCSS to build out experimentation and personalization for conversion rate optimization. Additionally, they have familiarity with CRO platforms like Optimizely, VWO, and Google Optimize. They must also be comfortable working to validate concepts by choosing the cheapest route to MVP versus over-engineering.

    If you’re interested in checking out the swell people you’ll be working with, click here to learn more about the team.

    Our Hiring Process

    We’re glad you’re interested in working with us. We have a fairly unusual hiring process, but it has proven to work well both for us and for potential new hires. We have found that demonstrating basic competency is the best predictor of initial qualification for working with us, followed by actual work.

    Our process reflects that: below, we outline our values and how we work, and then ask you to complete a small task. Assuming we like your response, we will hire you for a “paid interview” where you start working with us for a small number of hours each week. If both parties like working together, we expand the relationship. If not, we go our separate ways and both sides “won” in the deal!

    This short essay sums up the philosophy we operate by: This is Professionalism. Please read it and if you’re willing to work this way, read on!

    If you have questions as you go through this, make notes and if we haven’t answered them by the end, feel free to email matthew.gossage@crometrics.com or mike@crometrics.com

    *Our positions are fully remote and to ensure compliance with all applicable labor laws, are open to U.S.-based applicants only. In general, we are not hiring in Washington state, Oregon state, San Francisco, New York, or New Jersey as it is difficult for distributed companies like ours to hire in those locations.*
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    • Cro Metrics

    Harvest Expert

    Disclaimer: Don't judge us too quickly! We've made some intentional typos and grammatical errors in this job post. See our "When You Apply" section for more info.

    About Harvest

    Harvest is an independent software company making tools that help businesses run more smoothly. For the past 13 years, our customers have relied on our products as a critical part of their day-to-day operations. They’re the reason we’re still in business and we owe it to them to deliver legendary support, delivered by our Harvest Experts: wicked-smart human being, empathetic problem-solvers, and patient troubleshooters.

    The Harvest team started as a team of 3 and grew slowly to today’s current total of 55 lovely faces. Though we have an office in NYC, we hire the best people for the job no matter where they may call home. We work hard to make sure everyone feels included and heard. And we offer great benefits, including a profit-sharing bonus, a generous vacation policy, and much more.


    What’s the Job, and Why Is It So Gosh-Darned Great?
    As an Expert, you’ll spend your days helping our customers make the most of their time by getting the most out of our products. We’re the heroes on the frontline and have a deep understanding of our products and our customers. You’ll also be a critical partner to our developers to help them understand where customers are having issues. To deliver the fast, comprehensive, and personal support our customers expect (and deserve), you’ll need to be thoughtful, curious, and a real stickler for details.

    There’s more below on the nitty-gritty of the role, but here’s the short version:
    • You’ll love this job if you are energetically curious and delighted to help others.
    • We’ll love you if your a quick learner who’s also enthusiastic, kind, and so reliable that we can set our watches by how regularly you kick ass.

    Not to brag, ahem, but this is a really awesome, full-time job. The benefits are great, the working arrangements are flexible, and your coworkers are all crazy-smart and kind.

    Who should apply?

    You, probably.

    You don’t need a background in tech. You just need to be kind, curious, and a crazy-good writer. What makes our team great are the unique experiences and perspectives each of us brings to the table. Our customers aren’t all the same, so why should we be? If your empathy muscles are strong and your comma splice game is locked down, you belong here.

    Don’t believe me? Here’s proof that you don’t need to know the difference between JavaScript and Python (but think they might be related to coffee beans and giant snakes that eat people). Our previous hires for the role include a dog walker, a German translator, an art curator, and a Tiffany. Tiffany defies description.

    One more thing, and this is a big deal: if you are a member of a group that is historically underrepresented and disadvantaged in tech (and society generally, tbh), please know that we welcome your application with open and enthusiastically-waving arms. We want to meet you!

    And while we’re on the topic, if you don’t celebrate people’s differences and don’t value the contributions of those who don’t look, sound, or act like you, Harvest isn’t going to be a good fit. When we come to work, we bring our full selves because that contributes to both the vibrancy and richness of our team. So if you want to work here, you should be actively excited about working with a group of people who strive to be inclusive.

    What will your life be like? (SPOILERS: pretty great, but not always a piece of cake)

    • You’ll learn the ins and outs of Harvest, Harvest Forecast, and are associated apps and integrations through our intensive training program. You’ll become a true Harvest expert (see what we did there?).
    • You’ll answer email questions and phone calls for the vast majority of your day. That’s the job, mostly. We maintain an industry-leading average response time, with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity of tickets resolved. It’s troubleshooting, bug investigation, teaching, and occasional therapy (“I believe in you!”).
    • You’ll work alongside our developers to figure out thorny problems, and you’ll help our customers through those tricky periods when things don’t work quite right.
    • You’ll build our customer base by using your presentation skills to host webinars for and answer questions from prospective Harvest customers.
    • Once you’ve mastered the software and can answer tickets like a pro (or should we say—like an expert. Gosh, it never gets old!), you’ll have the opportunity to pursue support-related projects on the Expert Team. There are plenty of projects to keep your juices flowing—whether you’re interested in writing documentation, making handy GIFs, or trying something totally new, there’s room to explore!
    • You’ll be a great human person, and treat our customers with sincerity, kindness, and respect. You’ll create new ways to impress, delight, and surprise them!
    • You’ll share your favorite GIFs of dogs doing stuff in Slack. And kittens. And trash pandas...


    • You’re an exceptional communicator and you treat people kindly. You can gracefully break down, solve, and explain, even the most complex problems. Listening, talking, and working with people makes you happy.
    • Your writing skills are flawless. We mean it. You must have a savvy style and a firm grip on grammar.
    • You’re a hard worker with a history of getting things done carefully and efficiently. You’re thorough—no detail go unnoticed.
    • You’re self-motivated, but also enjoy contributing to a team.
    • You can de-escalate a tense situation with ease and grace—working through a tough issue or bug with an upset customer not only doesn’t scare you, it’s a challenge you’re eager to take on.
    • You don’t mind doing the same thing most days. You’re also comfortable jumping onto a side project when the occasion arises and aren’t scared to tackle the new and unknown.
    • You’re patient and enjoy solving tough problems, and you find helping people fix those problems rewarding.
    • You are able to work full-time, Monday-Friday for one of two shifts:
    1. 8am - 4pm EST
    2. 11am - 7pm EST (8am - 4pm PST, 9am - 5pm MST, 10am - 6pm CST)

    When You Apply
    • Tell us a bit about yourself and why you you’d make a great Harvest Expert.
    • Let us know what working hours you are able to commit to (and in what timezone).
    • You’re awesome and can work anywhere… why Harvest?
    • Harvest HQ is home to a record player. What album would you contribute to our vinyl collection?
    • We made six grammatical mistakes or typos in this job post. Be sure to let us know what they are!

    Please apply by March 8, 2019, for consideration in this round of hiring.

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    • Harvest

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    Data Engineer

    Kombucha, cold brew coffee, foosball? We've got it.
    Talented, creative, hard-working? We're looking for you. 

    Full-Time Data Engineer Role (with a side of Kubernetes Ops)
    U.S. Based - Remote Available

    Dev Team Overview
    Scientist.com is a growing services marketplace which helps Scientists the world-over find, initiate, and track service requests. We're at many of the largest pharmaceutical and biotech institutions in the world. We enable the outsourced workflows which increase efficiencies and facilitate compliance. And we're growing.
    The core of the Scientist system is a mature and monolithic Ruby on Rails application. We have successfully migrated to Kubernetes on AWS and we run over 400 pods! Everyone on the dev team is empowered to deliver new software daily.

    Job Description & Responsibilities
    This is where you come in, the web application is in great shape but we need to answer more business questions. We want to provide data and tools to our finance and business analysts based on events from the application. The first big project would be maintaining an ETL pipeline for loading data into AWS S3 and supporting our internal customers with Tableau.
    You would be collaborating with experienced application owners who know the datas ins and outs, you would not be learning the system in a vacuum. That won't be the end of it, we'd also like to support more developer friendly tools like Jupyter.
    You'd also be supporting the Kubernetes cluster, helping to track system health, improving our CI/CD system, internal metrics and logging, performing cluster upgrades, and doing a variety of security ops. If you like Rust, this also a great job for you.
    We're ready to train the right applicant for any of the missing skills. If you've got a passion for any part of this job and you're receptive to training on other parts, apply!
    • Code school or BA/BS degree or equivalent work experience
    • Working knowledge of Unix processes, networking, bash, ruby or python
    • Comfortable with SQL and data modeling
    • Excellent communication and presentation skills
    • Self-starter capable of working independently
    Nice to haves
    • Experience with AWS Athena/Glue/EMR
    • Experience with Tableau and its server administration
    Even if you aren't super confident, that's OK. We encourage anyone interested in this position to apply. Please include any relevant code samples, blog posts, stack overflow questions or answers. We want to see what you've written and got a feeling for your communication style.

    • Competitive salary
    • Medical/Dental benefits
    • 401K
    • Stock Options at rapidly growing start-up company (#9 on Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing private companies)
    • Remote friendly 
    • Daily standups with your team
    • Company laptop of your choice
    • All expenses paid travel to the yearly all-hands, held in beautiful Solana Beach, CA
    If this sounds interesting to you, please apply online and include your resume, cover letter and relevant code samples, blog posts, and stack overflow Q&A.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
    Due to the number of applications we receive, we ask serious applicants to: 
    • upload a resume
    • write a cover letter (how do you fit this role, and tell us something interesting about you!)
    • provide relevant code samples - github and/or ____
    • blog posts
    • stack overflow Q&A
    Applicants providing only a Resume or LinkedIn profile will not be considered. 
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

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    • Scientist.com

    Product Marketing Manager

    TaxJar is the leading technology solution for busy eCommerce sellers to manage sales tax and is trusted by more than 10,000 businesses. Our mission is is to make eCommerce easier for everyone. 


    • We do the right thing for our customers.
    • We're a team, built on trust.
    • We're proud to be remote.
    • We're in control of our own destiny.

    TaxJar’s remote-only team of almost 60 people is growing quickly. Our team has an immediate full-time opening for an enthusiastic, highly-experienced, Product Marketing Manger.

    *This is a full-time remote position, available to folks located in the US only. 


    The TaxJar marketing team’s mission is clear: get more eCommerce businesses to experience TaxJar to manage their sales tax reporting, filing and calculations. Our team demonstrates the tremendous value in cost and time-savings in choosing to fully automated solution like TaxJar for their sales tax needs.

    The Product Marketing Manager's goal is to demonstrate how TaxJar's products can solve the everyone's sales tax problems.


    • Define, prioritize and execute the end-to-end marketing strategy for TaxJar’s sales tax compliance products: TaxJar ReportsAutoFileSmartCalcs APITaxJar Plus, etc.)
    • Develop product positioning, value proposition and messaging that differentiates our product to our key target audiences.
    • Plan the go-to-market launch strategy for new products, new integrations and feature releases, and manage all cross-functional product marketing efforts.
    • Collaborate with sales, development, partnerships, and success to ensure the feedback from our customers is documented and included in the product roadmap and development plan.
    • Provide development teams with direction and content messaging within the TaxJar app.
    • Develop written & video product assets and provide subject matter expertise for all marketing campaigns and efforts.
    • Communicate the value proposition of the products to our sales team and work with the design team to develop the sales materials/tools that support the selling process of our products.
    • Administer and report to the company on Net Promoter (NPS) metrics & goals.
    • Find ways to creatively surface and automate the promotion of product-related revenue drivers (annual subscription plans, AutoFile enrollment, etc) using data to reach the right customers with a customized message.
    • Must be willing to travel and attend in-person trade-shows with customers occasionally.

    This is a key product marketing role and requires a self-starter with strong experience in organization, communication and execution of marketing needs. You don't wait for others to tell you what to do—you figure things out on your own. You ask questions. You get clarity. You do what's best for the customer. You listen well.


    • Experience in building creative assets and marketing content
    • Experience in planning and actioning multiple, complex marketing programs including budget management
    • Experience in the SaaS, eCommerce space
    • Demonstrated ability as a product or technology advocate, with the ability to collaborate with engineering and marketing teams
    • Excellent communication and organizational skills
    • Agile, humble, trustworthy, and a team player
    • Rapid learner who thrives in a fast-paced, high-growth environment
    • Passion for marketing simple and intuitive products that solve complex problems in eCommerce
    • Excel at communicating with the team remotely (Basecamp, chat, zoom, email, etc)

    *This is not an entry level position. You’re an experienced product marketing manager of 3+ years at a SaaS company or related field.


    • Only want to work remotely
    • Are a PRO at communicating and collaboration
    • Highly value working with people you like and respect
    • Are accountable
    • Are confident in your skills and a solid team player (We’re peers here, no egos please) but also comfortable working asynchronously
    • Hungry to play an impactful role and not afraid to fail

    We’re a happy team and we all really love what we do. We've created a space where high-achievers can succeed, but are also safe to fail. We're profitable and focused on growing TaxJar sustainably. We're always learning how to make TaxJar the best place to work for all of us, and not just another tech startup. We’re always looking for an amazing new teammates to come share in the excitement of solving real-world problems with technology.


    • Excellent health, vision and dental benefits
    • Flexible vacation policy
    • 401k Plan
    • $1,000 in professional development credit
    • Home office stipend
    • Equity in a profitable company 
    • 2x year all-company in person retreats (fully paid for by us of course)
    • Brand new Macbook computer 
    • Mandatory Birthday holiday!
    • 12 week paid maternity/ 6 week paid paternity leave
    • Monthly perks reimbursement for things like Netflix, Amazon Prime, your gym membership, home internet and more.

    We offer all of our employees amazing benefits. Visit www.TaxJar.com/jobs for a full list of our benefits and to learn more about how we work and what we stand for.

    If you're not the perfect fit for this position, but you know someone who is, we'll pay you $1,000 if you refer us to the person we hire.

    • 1 week ago
    • TaxJar

    Financial Analyst

    ConvertKit is delightful email marketing software built for creators. We help creators own their audience and turn fans into customers. For makers, authors, chefs, musicians, athletes, and anyone else making a living by creating the culture we all love, there isn’t a better tool for reaching inboxes. More importantly, there isn’t a team more committed to helping creators earn a living doing work that matters. We are proud to have built a product that our customers love, and we're looking for a talented financial analyst to join our Operations team.

    This role is designed for you if you’re a strong finance expert with robust financial modeling & analysis experience, built on good problem solving, and cross-team collaboration skills. You are a leader who is hands-on by nature and has an exceptional level of timeliness and accuracy in your work. You have firm ethics that drive your actions. This position is for you if the next step in your career adventure is working on hard challenges with a stellar group of teammates, driven by purpose and mission, and having fun along the way!

    This position will report directly to the Director of Operations.

    Why ConvertKit is interesting:

    • We are a 100% remote team with the goal of having 50 teammates or less.
    • Every team member is committed to our mission, vision and values. Our mission is not your standard mailed-in variety; We exist solely to help creators earn a living from their craft, and we take that very seriously.
    • We put a high emphasis on work / life balance, and we value and strive for 40 hour work weeks. There aren't set hours, but there's a lot to get done!


    • Exceptional financial, analytical and organizational skills
    • Able to prioritize multiple projects and still be detail-oriented
    • Strong technical, planning, and problem-solving skills
    • Demonstrated quantitative, system thinking and finance skills
    • Exceptional writing skills, as well as outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
    • Collaborative work style. Enthusiastically makes contributions and takes satisfaction in team accomplishments; ability to build relationship and trust with remote colleagues
    • Ability to work in a fast paced environment and to proactively anticipate and resolve potential issues
    • Ability to work well within deadlines
    • Familiarity with SaaS KPIs
    • Understanding of accounting principles and systems

    • Build out a comprehensive financial model for our business, working with a list of variables and with our current data sets to conduct analysis, document results, and develop execution plans
    • Create monthly forecasts that incorporate current data and any relevant functional input including P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow
    • Be able to work autonomously and self sufficiently
    • Play a key role in budgeting and planning activities by supporting the team through budgeting, forecasting and performance reporting
    • Coordinate with teams to gather, analyze, summarize, and prepare recommendations regarding operating forecasts and help identifying levers for business units
    • Proactively provide business insights to drive data-driven decision making
    • Perform variance and trend analysis between actual, budget and forecast targets for our SaaS business
    • Create ad-hoc analysis as needed such as MRR ROI and risks between options
    • Work with outside firm to manage all accounting activities across the company including monthly and quarterly close process and reporting
    • Establish scalable internal controls
    • Proactively manage cash flow activities
    • Other operational or accounting responsibilities as needed. We’re a small team and are committed to ConvertKit’s and each other’s success


    • 2+ years of experience in finance or finance-related experience within a startup
    • Experience with SaaS business models OR similar functions within a SaaS/tech firm highly preferred
    • Experience aggregating data sets across multiple platforms
    • Exhibited competence with Excel. SQL skills a bonus!
    • B. S. degree in Finance, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or similar quantitative field or commensurate experience of 3 years
    • Experience with accounting systems and managing those systems preferred but not required


    • 3 weeks paid vacation, bumping up to 4 weeks vacation after 1 year of employment, 8 paid holidays, and 1 week of paid sick leave / year
    • The team gathers twice a year in-person for fantastic team retreats
    • 12 weeks paid maternity / 4 weeks paid paternity leave, as well as flexible scheduling in the first year after your child is born
    • $2,500 equipment allowance given every 2 years
    • 4% 401k match
    • Yearly conference credit
    • $1,000 yearly "paid paid vacation" bonus
    • Excellent health, vision, and dental benefits
    • Equity options after 1 year of employment
    • Salary range: $75,000 - $90,000
    ConvertKit is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity in all of its forms and we hire the best person for each role, no matter your personal background. Research tells us that applicants who are female or non-binary, as well as applicants who are people of color, are less likely to apply for roles they do not feel 100% qualified for.

    We encourage every person who is interested to apply. We’re imperfect communicators, so think of this job posting as the starting point for discussion rather than proof that you shouldn’t apply. Take the leap - you never know, you might just be the perfect person for the role, even if you don’t match 100% of the job description above.

    Applications for this position close on February 15th, 2019.

      • 2 weeks ago
      • ConvertKit

      Director of Engineering

      About the position

      We are looking for a Director of Engineering who will build and scale the development teams for our two cloud products, i.e. Jibble and PayrollPanda. Creating a new tools and shared services team and spearheading the implementation of a new front-end for both products. It's an exciting opportunity for an experienced manager that is looking for a new challenge with a fast growing startup. Lots of perks including equity and most importantly remote working.

      Responsibilities include:

      • Organize full lifecycle software development for multiple products
      • Contributing and carefully overseeing the most critical or challenging development tasks
      • Hiring and building a quality engineering team including developers, testers and dev-ops
      • Drive the execution and delivery of features by collaborating with product lead developers and managers
      • Proactive in foreseeing issues and resolve it before it happens
      • Mentoring lead developers and direct reports and helping them enhance their careers
      • Motivating the development team and ensuring morale is high
      • Building and managing software testing workflow and procedures
      • Evaluate and deploy software tools, processes and metrics
      • Ensure compliance with project plans and industry standards

      Requirements are:

      • 10+ years' experience of working as a software engineer or web developer
      • 5+ years' experience of working as a manager or lead developer
      • 3+ years of developing web applications using NodeJS, Loopback, MongoDB and PostgreSQL (or another RDBMS)
      • Previous experience of scaling a development team (including developers, testers, dev-ops) from a headcount of less than < 10 to beyond 30
      • Exceptional problem solving abilities and communication skills
      • Agile software development methodologies and significant experience with Atlassian products to manage process
      • Work within European timezone
      • BS degree in Computer Science or Engineering
      • 2 weeks ago
      • Jibble Group

      Director of Optimization

      What We Do

      Simply put, we make websites easier to use. Through a scientific method of determining which site improvements result in actual performance improvements, we replace the old way of designing sites through gut feel and management opinions with designing sites through data. Tactically speaking, clients come to us for both strategic direction and to supplement their internal teams.

      Director of Optimization

      As a Director of Optimization at Cro Metrics, you will be a player/coach overseeing a team of people who are hybrid product manager, strategic thinker, account manager and data analyst. Your primary role is to enable our product managers to be successful. With your passion for helping your team be successful combined with your agency or client-facing experience, you’ll be able to quickly gain the respect of your team in showing them how it’s done while also helping them to develop the skills they’ll need to grow in their own careers. Product Managers spend much of their time interfacing with clients, designers and engineers. On the client side, our Product Managers must be able to generate data-driven ideas that will improve revenue and other key metrics on client websites while being rooted in better understanding what the customer wants.

      Our PMs lead all A/B testing and personalization experimentation for the client, which includes the following:

      • Partnering with the client for the ideation, prioritization, road-mapping, design, and approval process for all hypotheses generation and experimentation
      • Diving deep into the results to deliver the data story, learnings and recommendations from the experiment
      • Collaborating with a remote team of engineers, designers and other PMs to support experiment ideation and execution
      • Managing all aspects of the client relationship from daily experiment monitoring to kicking off the renewal process to evangelizing the value of Cro Metrics

      The director must be able to do all of these things on their own, and be focused on enabling their team to level up their skills. Expect about 10% travel as you visit key accounts regularly.

      In addition, as a Cro Metrics team member, you will:

      • Support the professional growth of the team through leading and/or participating in ongoing training, e.g. book club
      • Engage in non-client related activities that help grow our business, e.g. writing the PM job description or delivering hypotheses and mock-ups for a sales deck
      • Actively participate in our remote culture

      If you don’t have previous management experience, an individual contributor role at Cro Metrics might be a possibility. The type of individual contributor who will succeed in this role is strongly correlated with prior management experience since the type of client problems you encounter require solutions that leverage both the client and internal teams typical of strong internal product managers who need to influence teams that don’t report to them.

      Who we’re looking for

      Our most successful candidates have the following skills/experience/traits:

      • Lifelong learner
      • 10+ years of professional experience working in digital product management. Some experience working with customers either as part of an agency or significant time freelancing is required. Familiarization with Optimizely is a bonus.
      • 5+ years experience managing others. This is primarily a people management position, and you will have a team of high performers, so enabling your team should be the primary reason you’re interested in this job.
      • Demonstrated extremely strong presentation and communication skills.
      • Passion for using data to improve user experiences
      • Built and delivered product roadmaps full of winning and losing ideas
      • Hands-on experience analyzing digital business data to inform decisions and plan strategically
      • Worked cross-functionally in a highly collaborative environment, preferably in a remote capacity
      • Genuinely like working with clients and their distributed stakeholder groups
      • Love product strategy, but obsessed with the details on execution

      If you’re interested in checking out the people you’ll be working with, click here to learn more about the team.

      If you have questions as you go through this, make notes and if we haven’t answered them by the end, feel free to email walter@crometrics.com.

      Our positions are fully remote and to ensure compliance with all applicable labor laws, are open to U.S.-based applicants only. In general, we are not hiring in Washington state, Oregon state, San Francisco, New York, or New Jersey as it is difficult for distributed companies like ours to hire in those locations.


      • Matching 401k on the first 4% of income subject to a 3 month waiting period.
      • 100% remote, continue to work from where you are based. (However, this doesn’t mean ultimate freedom, this is a full time job where you get to work from where you live.)
      • Liberal vacation policy, annual all hands workcation.
      • All the professional gear you need to be successful (e.g. macbook, monitor, and noise-cancelling blackwire headset)

      Our Culture

      Read more about our culture and core values on our culture page and our main jobs page.

      This short essay sums up the philosophy we operate by: This is Professionalism.

      A unique hiring process – we pay you to interview

      We’ve found that the best candidates shine most when they are able to participate directly with the team and show their skills in action. This does require some work from you, so we’ll pay you to join the team during a “paid interview”.

      Assuming your submission exceeds expectations, we will reach out to schedule a few informal conversations with our team to learn more about you, and provide an opportunity for you to ask questions of us. If all goes well for both you and CROmetrics, we will hire you for a paid interview where you start working with us for up to two weeks (~15 hours max) as a 1099 contractor. This can be done on the side of your current full-time job so there is less risk to you. If both parties like working together, we expand the relationship into a full time W2 role. If not, we go our separate ways and both sides “won” in the deal.

      • 2 weeks ago
      • Cro Metrics

      Yield and Optimisation Manager

      Do you think that numbers make the world go round? Do you take great pleasure in solving complex problems? Do you think everyone should make spreadsheets to analyse their personal lives? If so, read on. We might have the job for you.

      Australia's largest credit card comparison website, Credit Card Compare (www.creditcardcompare.com.au), are seeking a Yield and Optimisation Manager to play a meaningful role in taking the business forward, farther and faster. This is an opportunity to join a young, dynamic team of digital professionals who have been instrumental to the success of Credit Card Compare.

      Reporting to the department heads, you will be the go-to for all yield, optimisation, and reporting across our business. If you’re passionate and motivated with a love for driving yield and optimising revenue, then you’ll excel in this role.

      If you had to include buzzwords on your resume you would include: revenue management, yield management, Excel workbooks, pivot tables, vlookup, SQL databases, digital advertising, and forecasting.

      This full-time position is a unique opportunity to be part of an established and fast-growing digital company operating at the intersection of fintech and martech.

      About the role:

      • Optimise the relationship between our traffic acquisition and revenue generation.
      • Monitor and analyse key performance metrics.
      • Be responsible for the design, management, and optimisation of daily processes to this end.
      • Create and manage experiments designed to improve yield.
      • Make data-driven recommendations and execute quickly.
      • Report results regularly and provide feedback on previous decisions that have been implemented.
      • Feed into sales, marketing and data management teams.
      • Report into the Head of Sales & Partnerships and Head of Marketing.

      Duties include:

      • Day-to-day monitoring, optimisation, and yield management of revenue streams, particularly from biddable media.
      • Report results, patterns, and insights in a systemised way.
      • Build, optimise, and maintain yield forecast models.
      • Liaise with sales, marketing, development, customer service, and business operation teams.

      What you need:

      • Tertiary level degree in Business, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, or similar field.
      • Advanced skills using Excel is a must, but you are also au fait with Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics.
      • Working knowledge of SQL and / or relational databases.
      • Two years’ experience in a similar role or successful completion of an internship.
      • A team player’s ethos who can articulate complex problems and communicate well with the team and external stakeholders.
      • Take a consultative, analytical approach towards delivering business results and process improvements.
      • An ambitious and entrepreneurial attitude that rises to a challenge.
      • Strong project management and organisational skills with flexibility to work outside of regular hours when needed.
      • High attention to detail.

      Bonus points:

      • Fluent in other languages such as Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Tagalog, Japanese, or Indonesian.
      • Experience with productivity tools such as Trello and Slack.
      • Have a passport.
      If this sounds like you then send your CV and cover letter via email to jobs@creditcardcompare.com.au along with the answer to this question: what is the golden ratio, rounded off to three decimal places?

      In your application please include:
      • A covering letter
      • Copy of your CV
      • Examples of projects you have managed

      About Credit Card Compare
      Credit Card Compare is Australia's largest comparison site designed exclusively to help Australian consumers compare, research, and apply for credit cards. We help millions of Australians confidently select credit cards that improve their lives. Founded in 2008 by brothers David and Andrew Boyd, Credit Card Compare remains independently co-owned by the two original founders to this day. The company is also primed for growth in Asia through the acquisition of Singaporean fintech startup rewards platform, Finty.com.
      • 2 weeks ago
      • Credit Card Compare

      Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer - Remote

      QA Engineer Responsibilities

      As a Quality Assurance Engineer, your day to day includes creating and implementing tests for a variety of web projects; reviewing and using system, design, and browser requirements; tracking quality assurance metrics; and verifying that completed work meets or exceeds our quality standards. This position is fast-paced, deals with shifting priorities, and reports to the Director of Project Success.
      Your typical work week might include:
      • Creating and executing detailed, comprehensive, and well-structured test plans and test cases for development and design tasks.
      • Documenting existing site workflows and functionality to support iterative site enhancements.
      • Ensuring the quality of all work produced in displays and functions as expected in requested browsers and devices.
      • Communicating testing results in a clear, thoughtful, supportive, and detailed way in your documentation and with your team.
      • Performing thorough regression tests as bugs are resolved.
      • Conducting post-release testing.
      • Monitoring debugging process results.
      • Keeping current with new testing tools and test strategies.
      • Recommending process enhancements to improve efficiency within Quality Assurance processes.


      • Must have 3+ years of experience as a QA tester or similar role.
      • Must have agency experience.
      • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills.
      • Strong knowledge of software QA methodologies, tools, and processes.
      • Experience in writing clear, concise, and comprehensive test plans, and test cases.
      • Ability to document and troubleshoot errors for developers.
      • Working knowledge of test management software (e.g. qTest, Zephyr).
      • Working knowledge of SQL and scripting.
      • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
      • Analytical mind and problem-solving aptitude.
      • Exposure to a variety of project management styles (waterfall, agile, scrum)


      • Experience with creating automated tests
      • Familiarity with Agile frameworks and regression testing.
      • Experience with performance, security, and load testing.
      • Experience with WCAG 2.0 accessibility testing and Section 508 compliance.
      • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science or related experience.

      We know lists of technical requirements can be overwhelming. We’re looking for candidates who care about doing good work for clients and leading strong teams. If this position sounds good to you, but you’re unsure if your skills are in complete alignment, we encourage you to apply.

      • 2 weeks ago
      • Kanopi Studios

      Senior SecOps Engineer

      Who is Litmus?
      Major global brands across every industry and vertical trust Litmus to make email better, including 9 of the top 10 ecommerce brands, 7 of the top 10 technology companies, and 23 of the top 25 US ad agencies.

      Backed by $49M from Spectrum Equity, the Litmus email creation, testing, and analytics platform empowers marketers, designers, and agencies to confidently deliver customer experiences that ensure brand alignment and quality, as well as maximize performance and deliverability.

      What would I do at Litmus?
      As our environment grows, we're looking for a versatile SecOps Engineer to join our operations team. This is a broad role, and will benefit from competency with a range of security disciplines including application, infrastructure and corporate information security.
      You have:
      • experience with overseeing third-party network penetration testing and intrusion detection
      • an aptitude for understanding complex security issues
      • knowledge of common security problems
      • experience with managing information security for multiple platforms from desktop to production use
      • an interest in being involved at securing all levels of an environment
      • a solid understanding of security as risk management
      • some familiarity with programming languages
      • experience with the Amazon Web Services platform

      You should:
      • enjoy taking things apart to see how they work
      • be skilled at analyzing components of an infrastructure
      • have a solid grasp of networking and encryption
      • have a natural eye for bugs and security weaknesses
      • reject the idea of security as an obstacle and enjoy working with other teams

      You might:
      • have knowledge of best-practice approaches to attack mitigation
      • be familiar with systems automation tools, such as Chef or Puppet
      • know how to write Inspec policies
      • have experience with platform automation tools like Terraform

      You would:
      • contribute to maintaining corporate security policies
      • ensure compliance with data privacy policies in our production access policies
      • be responsible for overseeing security audits, reviews and penetration testing
      • investigate security incidents
      • build and deploy tools to test, monitor and enforce security policy
      • contribute to securing our production environments, including our AWS security groups, IAM policies, etc
      • Assist IT with firewall management and implementation of corporate security policies
      • champion security objectives and priorities across the organization
      Why should I choose Litmus?
      • We offer everything you'd expect from a financially successful and profitable startup, and we've been going strong for ten years.
      • Great salary and stock options, comprehensive health care benefits, and a generous retirement plan match.
      • 28 days of paid vacation—that’s on top of team retreats and public holidays.
      • Remote-friendly culture. No matter where you are, you'll feel connected to the team. Over half of our employees work remotely.  Your work experience is just as exciting, entertaining, and engaging wherever you choose to work from.
      • Family friendly. Flexible schedules along with generous maternity and paternity policies.
      • Fantastic professional training to keep your skills sharp.
      • The best tools and technology money can buy. Top of the line hardware, software, and whatever else you need to be awesome.

      Litmus is the company you keep. The people at Litmus are truly amazing, each in their own very individual way. What’s more, at Litmus we’re free to care more for our customers and our employees than most other companies can. Yet, we’re driven. With over 250,000 marketers trusting Litmus and outstanding profitable growth, you know you’re part of a winning team. Come find your tribe with us!

      • 2 weeks ago
      • Litmus

      Marketing Director

      Marketing Director - Host Compliance

      Location: Flexibility to work from regional home office. (must reside within US or Canada)

      About You

      Are you passionate about leveraging technology to create user driven value-add experiences, raising awareness of exciting new technologies, and promoting concepts for bolstering new business and customer retention? Are you self-motivated, goal oriented, forward thinking, well read, and do you thrive under pressure as a virtuoso multitasker? Looking to drive innovation and significant impact in local government?

      About the Position

      As Marketing Director you are the fuel to our ‘end-to-end’ funnel approach. Marketing and sales are one unit connected by sales development producing a continual flow of highly qualified leads, meeting, opportunities and new customers. The successful candidate is excited by the opportunity to drive this integrated team providing leadership and guidance to all players.

      In joining our rapidly growing local government SaaS startup to be successful in the role you will need to become immersed in the short term vacation rental phenomenon so you can quickly talk to it’s challenges to local government leaders across North America and throughout the world. You’re proficiency in leading tools like Marketo and Salesforce will allow you to quickly find success in the role.

      You will solidify a framework of an existing marketing plan and own the execution successfully managing a budget, team members and vendor relationships efficiently pulling all the pieces together.

      Your experience in content marketing, automation and thought leadership will help elevate our already strong brand as global leader to the next level.

      This role can be performed from home as long as you have access to a professional work-environment and a fast internet connection.


      • Development and implementation of the overall marketing strategy for new and existing products and regions
      • Overseeing implementation of the Marketing strategy - including campaigns, events, digital marketing, and PR.
      • Define and implement a productive content management strategy providing strong thought leadership and leading tools
      • Align messaging across departments and tools
      • Help maintain and further establish Host Compliance as the global leader
      • Working closely with the company’s Sales team; enabling them to meet their commercial objectives by providing them with appropriate tools, materials and presentations
      • Guiding the day to day activities of the marketing team driving actions across all channels and
      • Ensuring that the marketing objectives are implemented by the marketing team.
      • Work closely with product management team to define marketing materials and programs.
      • Manage social media presence and direct programs to improve social media reputation and recognition.
      • Developing and delivering marketing and communications strategies for the organisation.
      • Undertake continuous analysis of competitive environment, consumer trends and market share
      • Waterfall planning
      • Oversee staff operations using best-inclass toolset in close partnership with Chief Commercial Officer and SDR Lead.
      • Direct, plan and oversee the marketing strategies of the organization's products and services.
      • Subject matter expert to leadership on issues relating to effective marketing.
      • Collaborate with Customer Service to drive alignment and development of customer content such as video testimonials to be used in communications. This is a high influence role.
      • Create and optimize content roadmap by buyer persona. Organize and potential re-use existing content.
      • Identify and lead potential marketing techniques improvements to better customer experience
      • Develop and manage SLAs across team and partners where we are dependent to ensure campaign success
      • Drive opportunity creation and revenue growth leveraging multi channel marketing activities such as conferences, roadshows, town halls, speaking events, webinars, email nurture, etc.
      • Lead a team of 2x SDRs and 1x SDR Lead to ensure campaigns run effectively
      • Play a broader leadership role on the Strategy Team to ensure the full team is successful.
      • Manage and develop advertising budget and investment prioritization across team.
      • You need to be extremely adept at following workflows and processes for A/B testing and welcome change while offering feedback as we work to improve for optimal success.


      • Bachelors or Masters degree in Marketing
      • Professional chartered marketer (CIM).
      • Proven track record of success in senior marketing roles.
      • Confident, driven and dynamic leader.
      • Entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to spot original branding opportunities.
      • 1+ years previous Marketing Director experience
      • 1+ years experience with Salesforce.com
      • 1+ years experience with Marketo.com
      • 1+ years sales experience at a SaaS or Enterprise Software company
      • Customer obsessed, data driven and results focused
      • Understanding of big data management and advanced analytics with ability to apply use cases in a marketing context.
      • Proficient in campaign automation mechanisms including in-product, emails, landing pages, forms, segmentation
      • Stellar computer computer and internet skills
      • Excellent grammar and spelling
      • Engaging verbal and written communication skills
      • Experience in leading a team and ability to train, motivate and coach

      Bonus Points for

      • Local government experience
      • Bachelor’s degree or Diploma (Sales or Marketing preferred, also accepting part-time students in similar programs)

      Hiring Process

      As a true meritocracy we do not have any particular requirements as it relates to prior work experience or physical location. That said, we care a lot about innate skills, attitudes and work-ethic. Our hiring process reflect this, and to find the perfect candidate we will test every candidate on the actual skills required to do the job successfully. Each test will require only a small time commitment from you, and we will only ask you to do additional tests if you pass the prior tests. This way we won’t waste your time, while making sure that you are the perfect match for the job. 

      About Host Compliance

      Host Compliance is a privately held tech company. Our vision is a world in which the sharing economy works for everyone. We seek to contribute to this by being the leading independent and trusted third party that local governments can turn to for data, tools and impartial advice on how to adopt and enforce Airbnb-style short-term rental related local rules that best serve the needs of all constituents in their communities. You can learn more about us from these new stories in the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Fox News.

      The team behind Host Compliance consist of an experienced group of data scientists, engineers and business people with backgrounds from Caltech, Harvard and McKinsey. The company is profitable and it has grown extremely rapidly since launching out of Stealth mode in Q2 2016.

      Apply Now

      Come join us! If you’re up for unlimited career growth opportunities and a career-changing role, wed love to chat! Please include in your application your resume, references and a cover letter demonstrating why you’d be a great fit for Host Compliance.

      Please complete the applicant form (select the Apply button) to apply. Only candidates selected for an interview will be notified.


      1037 NE 65th St #81158

      Seattle, WA 98115

      • 2 weeks ago
      • Host Compliance

      Director of Information Technology

      TaxJar is the leading technology solution for busy eCommerce sellers to manage sales tax and is trusted by more than 15,000 businesses. Our mission is to make eCommerce easier for everyone.

      Our core values:
      • We do the right thing for our customers.
      • We're a team, built on trust.
      • We're proud to be remote.
      • We're in control of our own destiny.

      TaxJar’s remote-only team of 60 people is growing quickly. We have an immediate opening for a Director of Information Security who wants to help us make ecommerce easier for everyone. We are looking for someone who can lead the enhancement of our global organizational security, including oversight of all data/information security policies and programs, security architecture development, and risk management.

      *This is a full-time remote position, available to folks located in the US.

      As TaxJar's Director of Information Security you will:
      • Be our Data Protection Officer as stated in GDPR regulations.
      • Own both internal and external security audits
      • Be a champion of securing our customer's information
      • Monitor and enforce data access and retention policies
      • Lay out and enforce work station security best practices
      • Work with our partners to ensure data security standards are adhered to
      • Aid in creating a vision for information security aligned with our business strategy
      • Oversee SOC2 and GDPR risk assessments
      • Create and implement a comprehensive information security program to ensure appropriate levels of confidentiality, integrity, availability, safety, and privacy
      • Define metrics to monitor information security, ensuring compliance and governance is met across the organization
      • Interface with senior leadership and management across TaxJar to determine acceptable levels of risk for the organization and drive security into business processes throughout the organization
      • Maintain expertise by staying abreast of changing data protection laws as applicable to information security
      • Continue to keep TaxJar as a leader of information security and regulation compliance
      • 6-8 years experience working with information security and regulation compliance
      • 2-5 years experience in a leadership position
      • Expert knowledge of GDPR, SOC2, and other data regulation policies
      • Extensive experience implementing, documenting, and auditing security practices
      • Superior attention to detail, with strong process and documentation skills
      • Self-directed, self-motivated and a fast learner
      • Agile, humble, trustworthy, and a team player
      • Rapid learner who thrives in a fast-paced and demanding environment
      • Excel at communicating with the team remotely (Basecamp, chat, zoom, email, etc)
      You’ll be a great fit on our team if you
      • Certification as a Privacy Professional (CIPP) is preferred
      • Only want to work remotely
      • Are a PRO at communicating and collaboration
      • Highly value working with people you like and respect
      • Are accountable
      • Are confident in your skills and a solid team player (We’re peers here, no egos please) but also comfortable working asynchronously
      • Hungry to play an impactful role and not afraid to fail

      We’re a happy team and we all really love what we do. We've created a space where high-achievers can succeed, but are also safe to fail. We're profitable and focused on growing TaxJar sustainably. We're always learning how to make TaxJar the best place to work for all of us, and not just another tech startup. We’re always looking for an amazing new teammates to come share in the excitement of solving real-world problems with technology.

      • Excellent health, vision and dental benefits
      • Flexible vacation policy (we’ll actually pay you $500 a year to take time off!)
      • $1,000 in professional development credit
      • Home office stipend
      • Equity in a profitable company
      • 2x year all-company in person retreats (fully paid for by us of course)
      • Brand new Macbook computer
      • Mandatory Birthday holiday!
      • 12 week paid maternity/ 6 week paid paternity leave
      • Monthly perks reimbursement for things like Netflix, Amazon Prime, your gym membership, home internet and more.

      We offer all of our employees amazing benefits. Visit www.TaxJar.com/jobs for a full list of our benefits and to learn more about how we work and what we stand for.

      If you're not the perfect fit for this position, but you know someone who is, we'll pay you $1,000 if you refer us to the person we hire.

      • 2 weeks ago
      • TaxJar

      Remote Bilingual Customer Service Representative

      What We Do

      There are more hungry people in New York than there are citizens of San Francisco. That’s not ok.

      At Lemontree we show up every day at work and solve this problem. We’re a non-profit that sells family dinner. Our systemic solution helps low-income families set the table with a dignified, affordable and healthy dinner. We deliver meal-kits with everything a parent needs to cook a delicious meal for just $2 per serving.

      The Opportunity

      We’re expanding our service and looking for an empathetic, caring, bilingual customer service representative to give our customers the support they deserve. This opportunity entails ~10-20 hours of work per week from home.

      Our non-profit’s mission is to provide dignity to our customers. As our second ever customer service representative, you’ll be on the front lines. Every day you will build relationships with our customers and make them feel great.

      As an early member of our customer service team, you’ll help us write our playbook for what amazing customer service looks like. In addition to that you will be responsible for:

      • Responding to incoming customer questions, concerns, and orders
      • Entering customer orders into our order management system (Zoho)
      • Gathering customer feedback on our product
      • Translating copy from English to Spanish
      • Special projects as needed

      We want our customers to get the best service possible. To make that possible, we’ll count on you to respond to all incoming messages within 1 hour of receipt (between 10am-8pm EST)

      You'll have ~10-20 hours of remote work from the comfort of your home, favorite cafe, or coworking space! As it is a remote role you will need your own laptop and consistent internet access (although some of the work can be done from a smartphone).

      Who You Are

      • Fluent in writing both Spanish and English
      • Empathetic and cheerful with a drive to helping others
      • Passionate about hospitality and making people feel cared for

      • 2 weeks ago
      • Lemontree

      Knowledge Base Specialists

      Your Mission

      We are looking for a knowledge base specialist to produce high-quality documentation that contributes to the overall success of our product. You will join a Customer Support team and work collaboratively with other departments to make our product to easy to use.
      If you are a well-rounded communicator with both a creative-style and technical understanding that can handle a variety of deliverables, this is the job for you.  


      • Develop content, communications, and manuals towards helping prospects and customers understand how to use products.

      • Create copy in for instruction manuals, knowledge bases, and quick start guides

      • Edit and update existing user guides and other materials.

      • Inform and familiarise the target audience about our product.

      • Ensure accuracy and consistency across all written content, and incorporate revisions according to current routing procedures.

      • Define a consistent voice and tone for the brand across multiple channels

      Experience & Qualifications

      • Proven copy/technical writing skills for a technology-based company.

      • Have worked in B2B or channel environments

      • Ability to translate technical or complex ideas into concise, business-oriented content

      • Experience working with instruction manuals and/or quick start guides.

      • Experience in an IT-related role

      • 3+ years’ experience as copywriter, writing copy (traditional, online, social)

      • Experience in customer support is a plus

      • French is a plus

      • Open to remote work

      Domum Link Perks

      • Located in trendy Westmount within Montreal, just steps away from public transit, shops, and restaurants.

      • Fully stocked kitchen: coffee, tea and sodastream, all day, everyday.

      • Your starter pack includes dual monitors and sit-stand desk.

      • Company activities; summer BBQs, bowling, group dinners and pizza lunches just to name a few!

      About Domum Link

      Domum Link disrupts the status quo of property management with our all-in-one solution for the entire tenant lifecycle. The property management industry has been waiting for a company like Domum Link.

      Now is the time to join our dynamic team as we are experiencing tremendous growth, focused on launching new products, partnerships, opportunities and as we scale our business to new verticals. The work is both fun and rewarding. We are looking for smart, passionate team members ready to take on new challenges.

      • 2 weeks ago
      • Domum Link

      QA Exploratory Tester - Remote

      QA Exploratory Tester - Remote Job Description:

      Joinpiggy.com is looking for the highest caliber QA exploratory tester to join its technical team’s expansion. Remote based candidates should be based in European time zones or willing to work in such time zones. Simply put, your job will be to break our frontend and backend systems on a continuous basis and with each new release cycle.

      What We Are Looking For:

      • A curious mindset with an attention to detail
      • Experience designing test strategies and orchestrating work on multiple teams to create highly efficient QA process and a very high quality bar.
      • Excellent grasp of web technologies (HTTP, sessions, site performance, Javascript, HTML, and CSS) and javascript are a must.
      • Experience working on various Agile development methodologies, and having strong opinion on them.
      • Strong communication skills, both written and oral

      Job Functions:

      • Design, develop and execute test cases.
      • Lead regression test development, including engaging the project teams at the beginning of the development process to develop such cases proactively ahead of a new release.
      • Coordinate with QA automation engineers to automate test cases as much as possible.
      • Identify, record, document thoroughly, and track bugs.
      • Perform thorough regression testing when bugs are resolved.
      • Develop and apply testing processes for new and existing products to meet client needs
      • Liaise with internal teams (e.g. developers and product managers) to identify system requirements
      • Monitor debugging process results
      • Investigate the causes of non-conforming software and train users to implement solutions
      • Track quality assurance metrics, like defect densities and open defect counts
      • Stay up-to-date with new testing tools and test strategies

      Job Requirements:

      • Excellent English language skills.
      • Able to read French or German is a plus.
      • Excellent communication skills, including verbal, written, and presentation.
      • 2 weeks ago
      • Piggy, LLC.

      QA Automation Engineer - Remote

      QA Automation Engineer - Remote Job Description:

      Joinpiggy.com is looking for the highest caliber QA automation engineer to join its technical team’s expansion. Remote based candidates should be based in European time zones or willing to work in such time zones.

      What We Are Looking For

      • Hands on experience with testing automation of javascript based applications on AWS, SOA, REST based APIs design technologies
      • Strong CS fundamentals and OOP
      • Experience with migration of large scale enterprise systems to new platforms
      • Experience designing test strategies and orchestrating work on multiple teams to create highly efficient QA process and very high quality bar
      • Hands on experience with creating automation test suites using leading industry standard tools and frameworks (eg: Selenium Web Driver etc.)
      • Excellent grasp of web technologies (HTTP, sessions, site performance, Javascript, HTML, and CSS) and javascript are a must.
      • Experience working on various Agile development methodologies, and having strong opinion on them
      • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering or equivalent
      • Strong communication skills, both written and oral

      Job Functions:

      • Design, develop and execute automation scripts using Selenium and open source tools
      • Identify, record, document thoroughly, and track bugs
      • Perform thorough regression testing when bugs are resolved
      • Develop and apply testing processes for new and existing products to meet client needs
      • Liaise with internal teams (e.g. developers and product managers) to identify system requirements
      • Monitor debugging process results
      • Investigate the causes of non-conforming software and train users to implement solutions
      • Track quality assurance metrics, like defect densities and open defect counts
      • Stay up-to-date with new testing tools and test strategies

      Job Requirements:

      • Excellent English language skills.
      • Able to read French or German is a plus.
      • Excellent communication skills, including verbal, written, and presentation.
      • 2 weeks ago
      • Piggy, LLC.

      Work From Home- Real Estate ISA Manager

      Are you an experienced Real Estate ISA Manager that is a whiz on the phone and has a background in hiring, training, and managing a team of Inside Sales Agents? If so, we want to speak with you today!

      Squad is a mission-driven technology company disrupting the real estate industry with a unique business model that combines Smart Lead Follow-up and Qualification, an ‘Uber for Real Estate ISAs’, and Data-Science and Artificial Intelligence. Our tech stack is cutting-edge and you won’t want to miss it, so this is a unique opportunity.

      We are quickly expanding and seeking a budding-star to join our 50+ person team for this key position to lead our US Callers Team. This is a remote, ‘work from home’ role and is part-time to start (25-30 hours/week), but it will quickly grow to a full-time position.

      Role Responsibilities

      • ISA Team Management: You’ll be managing a team of ‘work from home’ Real Estate ISAs that are based around the US and placing calls through Squad’s Apps. This will require overseeing numerous tasks including managing team communications, scheduling and ensuring everyone is performing at a high standard for quality.

      • Interviewing + Hiring: You’ll need to be excellent at interviewing candidates, determining their suitability for the role and ‘greatness’ on the phone, and conducting ‘mock’ call scenarios to test their capabilities.

      • Training: You’ll help conduct training sessions with our ISAs to constantly improve their quality. This will require excellent context for real estate qualification calls, handling scripts, and overcoming objections, and also crafting training material.

      • Calling: You’ll need to sometimes place calls as well, both to ensure the scripts are always streamlined and to ensure we have coverage. 

      • Quality Assurance: You’ll be responsible for maintaining a high standard of call quality and will spend time listening to calls, analyzing and scoring them, and providing constructive feedback around areas of improvement.

      • Performance Reviews: You’ll also meet regularly with each ISA to conduct 1:1 feedback sessions, understand concerns, and communicate issues back to our Product, Supply, and Delivery teams.
      • Strategy + Management: Since this is a key role for us, we’ll need you to contribute to regular meetings with our management team to share the latest happenings and insights.


      • Experience:
      • 2+ years experience as an ISA (preferably as a trainer).
      • Deep real estate market knowledge and experience with calling real estate leads.
    • Traits:
      • Highly skilled, charismatic communicator with a proven history as a leader in phone sales.
      • A likable manager’s touch, compassionate and patient, but results oriented.
      • You understand how to run a meeting, keep your team engaged, deliver feedback constructively, and keep a fun and productive culture.
      • A problem solver that loves to analyze a situation and brainstorm solutions.
      • Tech-savvy enough to use tools like Google Sheets, Slack, and modern software/apps.
      • Ability to handle multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment.
      • Language: Fluent in English. Spanish proficiency is a plus, but not required.
      • Availability: You can devote a minimum of 5 hours/day, 5 days a week.
      • Eligibility: You are 18+ years of age and legally authorized to work in the US
      • Equipment: You must have an Android Phone, a headset or headphones with a built-in microphone, and a stable Internet connection to make calls without static.
      • Home Office: Must have a quiet home office environment to work without distractions.

      Compensation: $16-$18/hour (based on experience)

      About Squad

      Squad is a fast-growing, venture-backed technology company that combines Crowdsourcing and Artificial Intelligence to help companies revolutionize their operations. Our new product is called SquadVoice and functions almost like an ‘Uber for calling’ in the Real Estate market.

      SquadVoice is a Smart Lead Qualification platform designed to help Real Estate professionals work smarter and close more deals. We help brokers + agents by contacting and qualifying their leads intelligently using marketing automation and our network of skilled American Inside Sales Agents (ISAs) that get paid to work from home using our SquadVoice Android App.

      We are a mission-driven organization, deeply embracing the ideals of the sharing economy, and believe in using technology to provide meaningful work-from-home opportunities to capable workers all around the globe. Inc. Magazine called Squad one of ‘America’s Top 30 Emerging Companies of 2017’. Visit www.SquadPlatform.com or www.SquadVoice.co to learn more.

      Squad is an Equal Opportunity Employer

      Squad is committed to diversity and providing equal opportunities for independent contractors. Squad considers qualified individuals without regard to gender, sexual orientation, race, veteran, disability status, or other category protected by applicable law. Squad also values providing prospective contractors with a fair chance to pursue opportunities.

      • 2 weeks ago
      • Squad

      Lead Security Engineer

      It's 2019 isn't it time to find a job that lets you work where you want? 

      Who Is Follow Up Boss?
      • We’re a simple, sales-focused CRM for real estate teams (and we use our own product) 
      • We’re a self funded, profitable company started back in April of 2011
      • We’re a remote company with a mostly US-based team
      • We don’t just claim to be customer-centric - we live it: https://www.facebook.com/followupboss/reviews
      • Check out our video on how we work: https://www.followupboss.com/about/

      Why Would You Want To Work Here?
      • We’re a young, ambitious company who only answers to our customers 
      • Opportunity to have a big impact on our growth and your career
      • No red tape or pointless meetings
      • Competitive salary, health/dental insurance and 20 days paid holiday, $1000 to outfit your home office, yearly company meetup

      This Role Is For You If…
      • You are passionate about Information Security and have solid experience in the field.
      • You would describe yourself as patient, empathetic and having a good sense of humour
      • You’re independent, self-motivated and can stay efficient and productive without someone looking over your shoulder all day long
      • Superb written and verbal skills (with a professional yet fun demeanor).
      • You enjoy programming and creating solid, tested, reliable things over just breaking things. 
      • Reject the idea of security being a blocker, and enjoy collaborating with colleagues across teams to ship projects securely 
      • Have the ability to work with others and helping them to understand security is far more important than knowing about the latest ROP gadget finding techniques. 
      • This is a hands-on technical position where you will work with the Infrastructure and Product teams to ensure the secure release of applications. 
      • Security architecture experience and the ability to consult with engineering teams working on technology projects will be key to success.
      • You have thorough familiarity with techniques used by real world attackers and should be able to prioritize detection and attack surface reduction efforts based on this knowledge. 
      Your qualifications:
      • Self motivated and proactive mindset.
      • Remote work experience is considered an asset.
      • Based in the USA, quiet home office with fast internet.
      • Strong experience in penetration testing or related activities, including at least network and application security experience.
      • Understand modern web application architecture, TCP/IP, HTTP, and standard network and system security technologies 
      • A strong knowledge of securing production LAMP (PHP) stacks, as well as a solid understanding of iOS and Android apps is a must. 
      • Strong knowledge of internet security issues.
      • Strong knowledge of UNIX and networking protocols.
      Your responsibilities will include:
      • Take a leadership role in driving security and privacy initiatives at Follow Up Boss.
      • Establish, advocate and enforce security policies and best practices among our team members.
      • Lead efforts to keep our customers' data and company assets safe.
      • Review changes in internal processes and IT systems to make sure the changes being made don't have adverse effect on security.
      • Provide security guidance for our products and technologies
      • Collaborate with colleagues across a variety of teams to architect & ship projects securely
      • Discover, analyze, assess, and respond to various threats in Follow Up Boss's web stack, iOS and Android applications.
      • Investigate security-related reports from customers, internal team members or general public, assess risks and damage, plan recovery actions and lead the effort to execute the plan.
      • Review changes in software we produce to make sure we follow best security practices and the changes being made don't have a negative effect on security.
      • Evaluate and provide recommendations on third party applications and services and the security implications associated with their use.
      • Understand offensive techniques/tactics and be able to prioritize mitigation techniques or technologies accordingly.
      • Instrument and perform anomaly analysis of systems and applications
      • Ability to discover new and interesting security problems as well a fix them.
      • Mentor other team members.

      30 Day Targets:
      • Become familiar with the product architecture, infrastructure, and existing tools.
      • Pair with engineers to gain knowledge about the system and how we work.
      • Improve the new hire onboarding process, by being a part of it.

      60 Day Targets:
      • Take active part in the internal security related work (e.g. assessing company VPN, implementing AWS IAM security best practices, SSH + 2FA, etc)
      • Work with fellow engineers to ensure authorized access to internal tools, servers, and sensitive customer data.

      90 Day Targets:
      • Identify top security issues and develop a solid plan to address them
      • Develop internal physical security policies.
      • Review and produce plan to comply with Google Compliance External Security Audit.

      Our Core Engineering Values
      • Teamwork
      • Communication
      • Code Quality
      • Focus and Prioritization
      • Customer Driven
      • Leadership Qualities

      If this sounds like a great fit we would love to hear from you.
      We're not accepting applications from agencies.
      • 2 weeks ago
      • Follow Up Boss

      Customer Success Manager

      vidIQ helps YouTube creators and brands get more views and save time. With over 750k active weekly users, we are the #1 Chrome Extension for YouTube creators. Customers include Red Bull, Buzzfeed, PBS, TMZ, BBC and thousands of the largest YouTube creators. We’re backed by top Silicon Valley investors including Scott Banister and Mark Cuban. vidIQ is profitable with a team over 15 employees and growing.
      Job Description:
      We are looking for a YouTube fanatic to join our growing Customer Success team! As a Customer Success Manager, you will be one of the first faces that new vidIQ users see and they will have a lot of questions, not just about vidIQ but about YouTube in general; so you'll need to be ready to answer questions from customers with all levels of experience in a friendly, informative, and thorough way.

      In this role, you will be helping out with a wide-variety of customer-facing tasks, including:

      • Helping out with new vidIQ customer onboarding tours
      • Providing support and being a point-of-contact for our Enterprise clients
      • Giving in-depth YouTube channel audits via email and video conference
      • Attending occasional industry conferences to represent vidIQ
      • Assisting in the Customer Support queue 

      We want to hear from you! If you don't match all of these requirements but still think that you've got what it takes, get in touch. Our one real need is that you be a YouTuber yourself with a channel that you have grown (regardless of channel size)!

      Our next Customer Success rockstar will ideally have:

      • Native English speaking fluency
      • Self-direction and discipline with previous remote work experience
      • Previous customer success/support experience
      • High levels of empathy
      • Bonus: fluency in any of these languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Vietnamese, or Nerd!


      • 2 weeks ago
      • vidIQ

      Support Analyst

      As a MercuryWorks technical support analyst, you’ll be working directly with customers to help them resolve requests & challenges.

      You’ll be responsible for understanding customers’ needs, communicating solutions, solving problems, and working with an incredibly talented team to help our customers succeed. 

      If you love working with people and enjoy a challenge, we’d love to hear from you!

      Our ideal candidate is someone who...
      • Has a desire to help people, a strong sense of empathy & compassion for their needs
      • Is willing to learn new things, and has an aptitude for technology
      • Has a minimum of 1-2 years experience supporting customers' use of their website or technical services via telephone, email, and chat
      • Has a good understanding of how websites work. This includes being able to troubleshoot minor HTML and CSS issues in web browser-based developer tools.
      • Has the ability to prioritize and multi-task under time constraints
      • Ability to work independently in a remote environment and interact with the rest of the team via Teams.

      You’ll do well if you have...
      • Excellent writing and communication skills
      • Patience, grace, a sense of humor, and some moderate GIF sharing abilities
      • A knack for taking technical language and making it understandable
      • A desire to make everything you touch better

      Responsibilities may include... 
      • Be on the front line interacting with our customers through email, phone or Zendesk
      • Troubleshooting and fixing problems on client websites, web applications and native applications
      • Work with our design and engineering teams to understand and resolve complex issues 
      • Escalate technical issues with the appropriate team for investigation 
      • Maintain a strong working knowledge of supported systems and continually strive to enhance knowledge through ongoing training, reading, and participating in projects and improvement initiatives

      • Applicants must have at least an Associate degree, Bachelor’s Degree is preferred 
      • Experience working with the following web platforms and technologies is a plus: Microsoft Office 365, Modern SharePoint, Azure, PowerShell, Sitefinity, WordPress

      This Is A Remote-Friendly Position

      Mercury is a distributed workforce with developers and designers located throughout the United States.  We are open to applicants located anywhere in the continental United States (we find all team members being within 3 time zones of each other best for collaboration) and also Tampa-based developers.

      About Mercury

      We are a Florida-based group of talented designers and developers devoid of heavy corporate structures, approval processes and tight boundaries.  Noted by our clients as giving that little extra that truly sets us apart, we seek to build sustained, successful relationships, ship customized solutions and deliver strategic counsel and zealous service. 

      About H1B Visas and Recruiters

      At this time we are not considering the sponsorship of H1B candidates.  Also, no recruiters.  Definitely; please no recruiters.  None.  No matter how good you think your candidate is.

        • 2 weeks ago
        • MercuryWorks

        Partner Success Specialist: EST or MST

        At Mailprotector, the Partner Success Specialist has a commanding understanding of our platform and uses that knowledge to help improve our partners’ businesses on a daily basis. Most of the day is spent interacting by phone and email with our partners’ and vendors' teams. On-boarding, billing, and even casual business advice are typical conversations. There’s also some knowledge base writing and documentation work as well as training and sales engineering. The essence of this role is sort-of a zen-like sherpa who guides our partners and users in all things Mailprotector.

        This is not a traditional "tech support" role. There is a high level of partner engagement; you represent the face and the brand of our entire team on a regular basis so we require a strong command of interpersonal skills.

        This might be a good fit if you:

        • Find genuine enjoyment in helping people solve technical problems
        • Can patiently help people understand technical issues
        • Have worked in B2B or channel environments
        • Regularly have ideas about making things better that you can persuasively communicate
        • Are generally the 'go-to' person in your circle of friends when someone needs help
        • Have a demonstrable track record of pursuing personal and professional growth
        • Take responsibility and solve business relationship concerns
        • Have a technology degree or other applicable technology experience
        • Enjoy the additional freedoms and responsibilities of small company culture
        • Are able to enhance the sales cycle by articulating technical expertise with our sales team
        • Spent one to three years in an IT-related role
        • Preference will be given to AZ and CO candidates who can work M-F 9am-6pm

        Who we are and what we do:

        The Mailprotector team provides messaging security, encryption, and compliance to companies, non-profits, and governments around the world. We do this exclusively through a network of channel partners who rely on us for this mission critical application. We operate primarily from our headquarters in the historic Ivey's building on Main Street in Greenville, SC and our EMEA office on Midsummer's Blvd in the heart of Milton Keynes, UK. 

        Other things you should know:

        • Our interview process is more involved and thorough than you think it will be. This helps us make sure we find you the right seat on the bus
        • We're going to pay much more attention to your cover letter than your resume
        • We're first and foremost a team; but that doesn’t mean this is a place to blend in. We are looking for creative, intelligent, opinionated, hard-working teammates who want their efforts and input to matter.

        If you think you might be a fit for this role and for our team then we’d love to talk. Please submit your resume and bespoke cover letter. We’ll be back in touch if we think there might be a reason to talk further.

        • 2 weeks ago
        • Mailprotector

        IT Risk and Compliance Officer (UK or Europe only)

        The IT Risk and Compliance Officer protects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Canonical's information systems. Serves as expert advisor to management, peers, and employees in defining, recommending, and implementing necessary policies, controls, and procedures to cost-effectively assess and manage security-related risk, educate workforce, and participate in regulatory compliance activities, especially with regards to data privacy and security legislation.  Assists with development, implementation, and maintenance of world-class information security organization, including annual and ad-hoc information security risk assessments, policy governance, compliance with regulatory requirements, information security training and awareness initiatives, third-party audits and assessments, contract and procurement guidelines, and third-party risk. Oversees and coordinates information security-related risk management.  

        This role is a 6 month assignment and can be home or office based, but being based in London is preferred. Periodic international travel for training and business meetings is required.

        Key Responsibilities:

        • Shape and drive the company strategy for access controls, compliance, audit, and penetration testing that supports the company's business units and enables risk management and regulatory compliance. The challenges include identifying where and how we use data; determining what tools and technologies we should deploy; ensuring that preventive/detective/corrective controls are in place and functioning effectively; staying current with government regulations and commercial agreements governing the use of data.
        • Collaborate closely with leaders in each business unit to understand what customers they serve and in which markets those customers exist in, how data that they process and retain is categorized, what business processes make use of the data and why, and how the controls provide proper security and compliance. Be a representative for our customers, making sure that customer data is safeguarded and used ethically and responsibly.
        • Organize and lead Risk/Privacy/Compliance training programs across departments, in order to educate and inform employees about our practices and standards, raise the level of cooperation and help people to understand the rationale for the rules.
        • Manage internal and external audit and testing programs, reporting risks and areas that need correction to the senior management team and prioritizing compliance work.
        • Reviewing and responding to security questionnaires and contract questions from customers on Canonical’s information security policies and practices.

        Required skills and experience:

        • You are familiar with contractual compliance obligations, contractual security, privacy and completing security questionnaires and reviews.
        • Experience defining and implementing appropriate methodologies for penetration testing, auditing, secure coding standards, incident response playbooks, forensic analysis procedures, takedown processes/law enforcement/censorship.
        • You can speak intelligently about situational awareness, change management, access control, and incident response.
        • You have demonstrated ability to communicate complex or detailed technical topics to a non-technical business audience, clearly conveying risk assessments, actions needed, and cost implications.
        • You have a general understanding of privacy and compliance legislation in the UK and Europe, including the GDPR.
        • Experience in working with legal, audit, and compliance staff.
        • Experience in developing and maintaining policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines.
        • Experience in driving risk-based decisions supporting business owner expectations and needs.

        Preferred Experience:

        • Strong knowledge and experience of applicable frameworks and regulatory requirements, e.g. ISO 2700x, PCI-DSS, NIST.
        • Strong technical or engineering background, including but not limited to software development, scripting, networking, and cloud architecture.
        • Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Information Systems, or related field.
        • 2 weeks ago
        • Canonical Ltd.

        Sales Coordinator (EMEA + Americas)

        Note: Although this is a remote position, we are currently only considering candidates based within European / African timezones, or the EST timezone.

        Hotjar’s growing Customer Experience department is looking for a detail-oriented individual with strong communication skills to join our growing team.  We’re dedicated to going above and beyond for our users day in and day out, and our Sales Coordinator will match this customer-centric mindset.

        As our Sales Coordinator, you will act as a liaison between the Sales, Customer Success, Support, Finance and Legal teams, ensuring that customers receive a fast and efficient service, and that Hotjar internal systems are up-to-date with accurate customer data. You will also support our customers with their payments and with facilitating the renewal of contracts.  

        You’ll be working directly on the front-line, interacting daily with our prospective, new and existing customers to ensure they have all of their sales needs met - from questions about pricing and renewals, through to taking calls with leads and assisting in the development of sales content.

        This is a great opportunity to grow and develop within a fast-paced environment. We’re looking for someone who’s hands on, thrives in handling multiple responsibilities and is capable of thinking operationally to identify opportunities for automation.

        In this role you will be responsible for:
        • Handling the processing of Purchase Orders, Estimates and Invoices, and updating accounting software and internal systems with financial data as required.
        • Sending PayPal requests and confirming received PayPal payments
        • Proactively seeking and resolving credit card expiration issues and following up on unpaid invoices.
        • Handling pricing estimate, trial extension, annual payment and renewal requests.
        • Serving as point of contact with potential users after product demo, and co-owning customer relationships with Onboarding and Customer Success teams to facilitate a smooth onboarding experience.
        • Speaking directly to leads and assisting with webinars.
        • Handling incoming Sales related interactions with customers through Zendesk
        • Coordinating with Legal and DevOps teams on terms and conditions and security documents.
        • Populating customer requested product and security questions in customer forms and managing the efforts of multiple teams to meet deadlines.
        • Identifying opportunities for automation and improving efficiency with our processes, working with our Customer Operations team.

        Compensation Range
        The budgeted compensation range for this role is $40,000 to $60,000 annually. Ranges are based on market research and are equitable to other roles within Hotjar. The actual compensation offered to a successful candidate will be based on relative experience and skills. At this time we are only able to provide official employment status to those located in Malta. All other candidates will join our team as full-time consultants and will be responsible for paying any taxes or applicable fees where they reside.


        • 1+ years professional experience in a communications-based role.
        • Fluency in English, with flawless writing skills. If you also speak other languages, tell us! Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese will be considered assets.
        • Extremely detail-oriented with strong organizational skills and the ability to handle competing priorities.
        • Proficiency in Google Apps suite. Bonus if experience using Zapier.
        • Previous experience with invoicing systems preferred but not essential.
        • Self-motivated with ability to prioritize and execute work with minimal direction or supervision.
        • Naturally customer-centric. This role will support both external customers and internal stakeholders.
        • Desire to work in a caring, transparent, and giving work environment, in line with Hotjar’s company valuesculture and ways of working.
        • Must submit to a confidential background check processed by a third party provider.
        • 2 weeks ago
        • Hotjar