Data Engineer

The Role

We’re looking for an enthusiastic Data Engineer who knows Python, Data Modeling, and SQL and is willing to learn. You will be a member of our Data Engineering team focusing on the creation and maintenance of our Data warehouse/Data Pipeline and services that support GA’s technical ecosystem. You will also maintain and improve several of our existing applications. Our expectations for the role and your responsibilities are…


  • Usually at least 3 years of experience being a professional Data Engineer.
  • Works mostly on clearly defined and scoped individual features or problems. Able to debug typical problems without assistance; more difficult problems requiring guidance.
  • Should be able to help associates and peers in an informal mentor role.
  • Provide material feedback, find common ground and solve problems for the good of all with guidance and is seen as a team player who can gain the trust and support of others in the team.
  • Capable of directing junior staff on a project.
  • Data Engineering Concepts/Programming is well understood, more advanced concepts may only have fundamental knowledge.
  • Follows established patterns and approaches within existing code bases. Some assistance may be required.
  • Work is reviewed with the occasional need for material direction or implementation changes. Capable of reviewing work produced by their team, potentially with guidance.
  • Follows professional team and organizational standards. Helps maintain professional standards for the team.
  • Writes code with good test coverage; may not know the best way to approach testing in all scenarios.
  • Able to competently work within the organizations local-development strategy; may provide basic support for associates.
  • Basic knowledge of system-level tooling. Capable of more advanced development tool workflows for local debugging.
  • Fundamental knowledge of source control expected. Expected to know some advanced features. Expected to practice at least one form of source control flows (e.g. gitflow).
  • Understands fundamental concepts of systems development life cycle (SDLC), and monitors adherence to all practical aspects.
  • Should be aware of business value in work being done. Not expected to be able to prioritize own work in terms of business value.
  • Strong SQL and Python skills.  Comfortable in ETL, data modeling, star schemas, and data marts.  
  • Any experience in analytical visual tools like Tableau or Looker a plus.
  • Any experience in Amazon services, especially Redshift, EC2, and Kinesis a big plus.


  • Responsible for maintaining professional standards for your team.
  • Self-directs work and provide guidance to associates on tasks related to existing projects.
  • Provides front-line assistance for maintaining 24/7 service uptime for the organization.
  • Proactive in working to define, and update, your career path with management.
  • Assist in the on-boarding and off-boarding of engineers using existing processes and methods.
  • You assist in ensuring all hires meet and exceed the GA talent bar.
  • Is responsible for understanding which operations affect the scope of the budget.
  • Maintain and grow our Data Warehouse, Data Pipeline and Data Marts.
  • Work closely with stakeholders to understand and suggest requirements.


  • Remote / flexible working hours
  • Highly Competitive Salary
  • Generous parental leave
  • Annual Education Allowance
  • Gym Allowance
  • Apple MacBook Pro + External Monitor

Who can apply?

You are living in or willing to self-relocate to...

  • The USA in any of these states: CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, GA, IL, KS, MA, NY, NC, TX, VA and/or WA
  • Germany, Toronto, and the UK
  • 3 months ago
  • General Assembly

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