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Director of Software Engineering

Rapidly growing high-tech Software as a Service (SaaS) Company located in Dallas, TX is looking to expand its Engineering organization with the addition of a Director of Software Engineering with a minimum of 7 years of Perl development experience and a minimum of 5 years of leading development teams. Must be capable of developing a working understanding of the Exceleron’s MyUsage software which is used to support prepay accounts, usage monitoring, customer communications and meter data management applications associated with electric, water and gas utilities. The ideal candidate will have a strong background using the Catalyst Web Framework and significant experience implementing Javascript, CSS and HTML with Perl. Flexibility, a strong teamwork approach, and the desire to work in a fast-paced environment are necessary for success.  The position will report to the Chief Technology Officer and manage members of the Engineering team. The company offers a competitive salary, fun work environment and a benefits package.  Candidates may work remotely with some light travel to the Dallas office (i.e. a couple of days each quarter). Candidates must be legally authorized to work in the United States and must pass a background check.

  • Design, implement and deliver product releases to Utility focused SaaS product
  • Technical leadership of 20 developers located in the U.S. and offshore
  • Work with business and process management teams to deliver well-tested software releases on-time into our highly available production environments 

Required Qualifications:
  • 5+ years of experience leading both onshore and offshore development teams with ownership of large web projects
  • 7+ years of experience with Perl
  • 5+ years of experience with Catalyst Web Framework
  • 7+ years of experience with Javascript, CSS, and HTML 
  • Experience in server-side programming languages such as Python and C/C++
  • Strong hands-on experience in building and maintaining production tools
  • Experience in developing tools for system configuration, deployment, and monitoring
  • Strong experience with different RDBMS and NoSQL Databases
  • Experience in benchmarking, analyzing, and root cause analysis of operating system, databases, and application code 
  • The ability to work and handle complex assignments with a high degree of independence
  • Candidate should be driven to learn outside of work environment, with a spirit of self-improvement and desire to stay up-to-date with new frameworks

Highly Desired Qualifications:
  • Experience with continuous integration tools such as Jenkins repositories
  • Strong Linux/UNIX systems and network application and design experience 
  • SOAP API development experience 
  • DevOps experience
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  • Exceleron Software

Senior DevOps Engineer

About Us
Mokriya takes software seriously. We’re pragmatic crafters who believe in smart and focused development, building clients’ products just as we do our own: investing heavily in design, iterating rapidly to validate and falsify ideas, and pursuing perfection in every interaction. We learned a lot of interesting things along the way about the right way to ship software, and we're now bringing our incredible software product experience to larger companies like Verizon, Google, Intel, Twitter, Sony, L'Oréal— and we do this all with a fully distributed team.

We believe that well-made software can change the world, no matter how small or simple a product might be. We also believe that poorly-made software —badly-designed, badly-developed, or badly-supported— is a preventable tragedy.

Mokriya’s mission is to make great software: for ourselves, for our clients and most importantly for our users.

About You
You love to build. When you're not at your job, you're probably tinkering on some contraption in the basement or figuring out how to take apart . You get a thrill from figuring out a clever way to solve a problem. You are a good software tester with strong programming fundamentals and you really take pride in knowing the ins and outs of the programming languages and libraries you are working on. You are a product-focused Engineer that cares about details and—this is obvious—you take pride in your work.

If this sounds like you, and you've been working on DevOps, you should apply. We strongly encourage and are proponents of diversity.

Why should I be excited to work here?
First, it’s fun. Not in the “everyone pretend to have fun, we’re a startup, where are the Nerf guns?” way, either. It’s fun to work at Mokriya because beyond the perks and good times, we’re a happy team of people who love to design and build great products. It’s not just that we have a great organizational structure in which everyone is really empowered to act; it’s also that we hire for fit and bring in folks only if we’re confident in their integrity, capability, and drive.

No one will watch over your shoulder, and you won't have to spend time watching over anyone else's either. We’re a talented team of doers. There’s little bureaucracy, and we hate blocking. Our product managers spend their time making sure you can get things done in the way that best suits your preferences and the project needs.

Autonomy, creativity, thoughtfulness, trust: if you care about those things, you'll be happy here. And more importantly, we'd be honored to hire you.

  • Automating build, release/deployment, manual processes and workflows.
  • Defining and delivering cloud agnostic IaaS and PaaS components to support in-house developed software and data models
  • Design for a Cloud agnostic solution that has maximum flexibility and operability.
  • Ensure that software builds happen predictably, consistently and reliably
  • Manage risks and resolve issues that affect scope, schedule, and quality
  • Support and improve our tools, infrastructure, and processes that support rapid and reliable delivery of high-quality software to our production service. Advocate for improving our build and release toolchain. Support deployment activities of development and production releases including troubleshooting of release blockers such as infrastructure, configuration, and code.
  • Assist development in troubleshooting system and software issues in all environments
  • Work closely with development teams to create processes and tools that provide immediate feedback on source changes
  • Design/manage process for Docker creation pipeline
  • Write effective documentation

  •  Requirements
  • 6+ years’ experience across entire SDLC, CI/CD tools, with configuration & release management, deployments, and troubleshooting in cloud environments
  • Experience in working with a Virtual team in a production cloud environment (preferably PaaS or SaaS)
  • Experience with one or more tools from each category:
  • IaaS Platforms: AWS, Azure, etc
  • Virtualization: Docker, Vagrant, VMWare, Virtualbox, etc
  • Config Mgmt:  Ansible, Terraform
  • CI / CD: TeamCity, Jenkins, GO Pipeline, etc
  • Scripting: Bash, Powershell, Python, Perl, MSBuild
  • Networking: DNS, Routing, Firewalls, Load balancers, etc
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, SQL Server,
  • Version Control: Git, Github
  • Orchestration: Kubernetes, Mesos, DCOS
  • Experience with administrating Java environments (JVM, Maven, Ant, etc.).
  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Strong experience with Windows and Linux systems
  • Strong understanding of source code version control systems, TFS, Github, and code branching/merging strategies
  • Expertise with build and release tools such as Maven, JVM, Ant
  • Experience with deploying .NET code as Windows Docker images in the Cloud

  • Nice to have:
  • Experience with Azure, Mesos, Hashicorp Consul and Vault, Jfrog Artificatory.
  • Monitoring: Zenos, LogicMonitor
  • Logging: Graylog, Splunk, etc
  • Experience with JIRA and Confluence

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    • Mokriya Inc

    IT-Ingenieurinnen / IT-Ingenieure

    Die Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk sucht

    IT-Ingenieurinnen / IT-Ingenieure
    (EG 11)
    Kenn-Nr. THW 2018-218

    für die THW-Leitung, Referat IuK, TTB und Lage (E 3) oder in einer Landes­verbands­dienst­stelle Dienstorte: Altenburg, Berlin, Bonn, Hannover, Heiligenhaus, Kiel, Mainz, München oder Stuttgart

    Die Arbeitsplätze sind je nach Vorliegen der persönlichen Voraussetzungen bewertet nach Entgelt­gruppe 11 TVöD. Es können sich auch Beamtinnen und Beamte bis einschließlich Besoldungsgruppe A 11 BBesO bewerben. Für Tarifbeschäftigte ist bei Vorliegen der Voraussetzungen eine spätere Verbeamtung möglich.

    Wir vom THW sind jederzeit bereit, in Deutschland und weltweit zu helfen. Die IT-gestützten Einsätze unserer 80.000 ehrenamtlichen Einsatzkräfte erfordern gleichermaßen Ad-hoc-Lösungen wie professionellen IT-Support. Dazu suchen wir Sie, ob IT-Spezialist/in oder IT-Allrounder/in. Wir bieten Ihnen, neben den Vorzügen einer Festanstellung im öffentlichen Dienst, abwechslungsreiche und verantwortungsvolle Tätigkeiten. Sie konzipieren, koordinieren und überwachen den Informations- und Kommunikationstechnikbetrieb sowie die IT-Sicherheit in folgenden Bereichen:

    • Systemadministration (Virtualisierung, Windows, Linux, Softwareverteilung)
    • IT-Security (ISMS, SIEM, IDS/IPS, Schwachstellenscanner)
    • Datenbank-, Webserver- und Anwendungsadministration
    • Digitalfunk, SATCOM, Telekommunikation
    • Netzwerktechnik (LAN, Firewalls, VPN, SAN)

    Wir erwarten:

    • Ein erfolgreich abgeschlossenes Fachhochschul- bzw. Bachelorstudium in den Fachrichtungen Informatik, Wirtschaftsinformatik, Mathematik, Physik, Elektrotechnik, Nachrichtentechnik oder in vergleichbaren Studiengängen mit IT-Bezug oder
    • Einzelfallbezogen können in diesem Ausschreibungsverfahren ersatzweise auch nachgewiesene gleichwertige Fähigkeiten und Erfahrungen im entsprechenden Berufsbild von mindestens sechs Jahren berücksichtigt werden
    • Vertiefte Kenntnisse in mindestens einem der aufgeführten Aufgabengebiete
    • Das erfolgreiche Bestehen eines fachlichen Eignungstests
    • Grundsätzliche Bereitschaft zu in der Regel planbaren Dienstreisen
    • Bereitschaft zur engen und kooperativen Zusammenarbeit mit THW-Helferinnen und THW-Helfern
    • Bereitschaft zum Tragen von Dienst- bzw. Einsatzbekleidung zu bestimmten Anlässen
    • Grundsätzliche Bereitschaft zur Mitarbeit im Leitungs- und Koordinierungsstab (LuK) sowie bei Bedarf auch außerhalb der üblichen Arbeitszeit, ggf. vor Ort, Dienst zu leisten und erreichbar zu sein (zum Beispiel im Einsatzfall)
    • Bereitschaft zur Sicherheitsüberprüfung (Ü2)

    Von Vorteil sind:

    • Praktische Erfahrungen in der Programmierung von Skripten (z.B. Shell-Script, Perl, PowerShell, PHP, VBScript, VBA oder SQL)
    • Praktische Erfahrungen in THWin (insbesondere THWin Ausstattungsverwaltung)
    • Gute Englischkenntnisse (mindestens Sprachniveau B 2)
    • Bereitschaft zu eigenem ehrenamtlichen Engagement
    • Bereitschaft zur Teilnahme an Auslandseinsätzen bei persönlicher Eignung bzw. Bereitschaft, eine persönliche Eignung im Rahmen von Schulungen zu erlangen
    • Erweiterte Kenntnisse im Bereich Beschaffungen (Planung, Durchführung)
    • Kenntnisse über Normen, Gesetze und Verträge (z.B. BDSG, BHO,VV zur BHO)
    • Erfahrungen im Umgang mit Erlassen, Verfügungen, Durchführungshinweisen, Dienstvorschriften (z.B. IT-Rahmenkonzept, Verfügungen zum Haushalts- und Kassenwesen des Bundes)

    Die Bundesanstalt THW gewährleistet die Gleichstellung von Frauen und Männern; sie ist bestrebt, den Frauenanteil zu erhöhen und ist daher an Bewerbungen von Frauen besonders interessiert. Eine Ausübung der Funktion durch entsprechende Teilzeitkräfte ist grundsätzlich möglich.

    Das Technische Hilfswerk unterstützt die Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf durch flexible Arbeitszeitgestaltung und die Möglichkeit der Teilnahme an der alternierenden Telearbeit im Rahmen der dienstlichen Möglichkeiten.

    Schwerbehinderte Menschen werden bei gleicher Eignung bevorzugt berücksichtigt, von ihnen wird nur ein Mindestmaß an körperlicher Eignung verlangt. Begrüßt werden Bewerbungen von Menschen aller Nationalitäten.

    Fühlen Sie sich angesprochen? Dann bewerben Sie sich bitte unter Angabe der für Sie in Frage kommenden Dienstorte über das unten eingestellte Online-Bewerbungssystem unter der Kennziffer THW-2018-218 bis zum 21.01.2019.

    Link zum Online-System:

    Passwort und Account erhalten Sie unter Angabe Ihrer E-Mail-Adresse. Weitere Unterlagen (z.B. Zeugnisse, Referenzen, Beschäftigungsnachweise) bitte erst nach Aufforderung durch das Bundesverwaltungsamt übersenden. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie nur Kopien einreichen, da Ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen nach Abschluss des Besetzungsverfahrens nicht an Sie zurückgesendet, sondern unter Beachtung der datenschutzrechtlichen Bestimmungen vernichtet werden.

    Im Falle einer Schwerbehinderung / Gleichstellung mit Schwerbehinderten sind nach Aufforderung des Bundesverwaltungsamtes zur Einreichung von Unterlagen die entsprechenden Nachweise der Schwer­behinderung / Gleichstellung mit Schwerbehinderten beizufügen, da bei Fehlen der Unterlagen Ihre Bewerbung diesem bevorzugt zu behandelnden Personenkreis nicht zugeordnet werden kann.

    Bei ausländischen Bildungsabschlüssen bitten wir um Übersendung entsprechender Nachweise über die Gleichwertigkeit mit einem deutschen Abschluss (Zeugnisbewertung). Weitere Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte der Internetseite der Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen (ZAB) unter www.kmk.org/zab.

    Unaufgefordert eingereichte Bewerbungen können im weiteren Verfahren nicht berücksichtigt werden.

    Für Fragen zum Bewerbungsverfahren stehen Ihnen die Mitarbeiter/innen vom Servicezentrum Personalgewinnung im Bundesverwaltungsamt unter der Rufnummer 0228 99358-8755 gerne zur Verfügung.

    Fragen zu den Aufgabengebieten der ausgeschriebenen Stellen beantworten Ihnen gerne die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter der THW-Leitung unter der Rufnummer 0228 99450-1200.

    Mehr über das THW erfahren Sie auch im Internet unter www.thw.de.

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    • Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk

    DevOps Engineer

    About X-Team

    X-Team is an international company founded in Melbourne, Australia, that helps companies scale their development teams by providing them with extraordinary teams of developers from around the world.

    We are 100% remote and believe in building a world where developers can have access to an environment of growth and incredible opportunities regardless of where they live.

    We are also a community of people dedicated to unleashing our potential. We’ve fostered a unique, active lifestyle and culture around this idea that continues to attract thousands of developers to apply every day.

    We proactively support our developers, fund their learning and growth, connect them in roaming hacker housesaround the world, and give them a remote environment that motivates and inspires them on a daily basis. While other companies merely place and drop their talent, we provide unified teams of developers centered around the same beliefs, values, and lifestyle. 

    We're uniquely situated to help shape how companies grow their businesses in the digital age and aid them in being able to do so properly with the right people. We work with big brands like Riot Games, Fox Broadcasting, Kaplan Inc., Coinbase, Google, Twitter and more…

    About You:

    • Strong background in Linux/Unix Administration
    • Proficiency in scripting languages (Python, Ruby, Perl, Shell)
    • Experience with monitoring tools
    • Experience with Nginx, Apache, Mysql, Mongodb, Redis…
    • Experience with Travis, Jenkins, AWS, Fargate or Codepipeline
    • Experience with Docker

    Nice to have:

    • Experience with working remotely
    • Familiar/involved with open­ source projects


    • Independent, self-motivated
    • Fluent in English, written and spoken
    • Proven track record of always learning and growing
    • Proactive attitude
    • Possess a spirit of generosity


    • Get the chance to work with big brands like Riot Games, Fox, Kaplan, Coinbase.. 
    • Live and work in one of our roaming hacker houses (X-Outposts) around the world.
    • Work from anywhere as part of a community of digital nomads.
    • Join our vibrant community, filled with opportunities to learn new skills together in study groups, join clubs (photography, gaming, etc.) and get free camera equipment/games/conferences/courses/massages/etc., charitable fundraisers, fitness & yoga programs (+gym membership), etc. This is the community to be in if you're a remote developer.
    • We’ll provide up to $2,500 in funding for your learning and growth through our Unleash program, which provides opportunities to unleash your potential through initiatives that help you grow as a developer and explore your passions more each day. 

    Who is X-Team meant for?

    A potential X-Teamer is a developer with experience working on large-scale, remote teams and projects. They are self-motivated, proactive, and have a strong team spirit. If you're tired of the traditional freelancing platforms, you'll be happy to hear that we’re so much more. X-Team is a community of like-minded individuals, carefully chosen to ensure that they can become part of the community of the most motivated people in the world who come together to unleash their potential. What we've created is truly special and not merely a faceless platform. X-Team is where developers go to feel truly at home together while becoming more motivated than they've ever been.

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    • X-Team

    Get alerts for new jobs

    Elasticsearch PHP Language Client Developer

    At Elastic, we have a simple goal: to solve the world's data problems with products that delight and inspire. As the company behind the popular open source projects — Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, and Beats — we help people around the world do great things with their data. From stock quotes to real time Twitter streams, Apache logs to WordPress blogs, our products are extending what's possible with data, delivering on the promise that good things come from connecting the dots. The Elastic family unites employees across 30+ countries into one coherent team, while the broader community spans across over 100 countries.

    Right now, we are looking to add a talented PHP Engineer to collaborate within a small, globally distributed team.


    You will join a dedicated team for Language Clients within Elastic. Our primary responsibility is to make sure that folks who use our official language clients have a phenomenal experience when integrating with any part of the Elastic Stack.

    What you will be doing

    • Be the face of the Elasticsearch official PHP language clients
    • Maintain and moderate the PHP clients
    • Contribute to other language clients as appropriate
    • Drive community engagement and adoption
    • Keep pace with Elastic Stack releases
    • Build out our continuous integration tests and dashboard
    • Help maintain and develop best practices for language client development

    What you will bring

    • Strong PHP experience
    • Strong experience in other development languages (such as Perl, Python)
    • Ready to be part of a dedicated distributed team; self-motivated and having strong collaboration and communication skills
    • Strong interest with what goes on in the PHP developer ecosystem, with good knowledge of popular frameworks
    • Enthusiasm for picking up new technologies
    • Happy to get involved with our community; not afraid to reach out and be reached out to
    • Experience with the Elastic Stack is useful, but not mandatory

    Additional Information

    • Competitive pay and benefits.
    • Stock options
    • Catered lunches, snacks, and beverages in most offices
    • An environment in which you can balance great work with a great life
    • Passionate people building great products
    • Employees with a wide variety of interests
    • Distributed-first company with employees in over 34 countries, spread across 18 time zones, and speaking over 30 languages! Some even fly south for the winter :)

    Elastic is an Equal Employment employer committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action for all applicants and employees. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender perception or identity, national origin, age, marital status, protected veteran status, or disability status or any other basis protected by federal, state or local law, ordinance or regulation. Elastic also makes reasonable accommodations for disabled employees consistent with applicable law.

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    • Elastic