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Senior Developer

About the position

We are looking for a full-stack senior developer who will be assigned to one of Jibble Groups' HR cloud products, i.e. Jibble.io and PayrollPanda.my. It's an exciting opportunity for an experienced developer that is looking for a new challenge with a fast growing startup. Perks include equity and most importantly remote working. It's an exciting time to join a proven group of international entrepreneurs and developers.

Requirements include

  • 5+ years of commercial development experience
  • 3+ years with a tech stack that includes VueJS, NodeJS, MongoDB (Backbone, Loopback and PostgreSQL is a huge plus)
  • Agile (Kanban) software development

Benefits include

  • A competitive salary.
  • REMOTE working, work anywhere in the world within a Europeon time zone
  • Learn and work with a growing international team that spans 15 different countries
  • Work-life balance, many of us have burnt out before and we want to prevent it from happening again to any of our team.
  • Join an mid-stage funded tech startup with high growth and great opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Option of relocating to Malaysia although more than 90% work remotely. Visa/Relocation can be arranged
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  • Jibble Group

Full Stack Single-Page Application (SPA) Developer

At Redox, Engineers solve the most complex and challenging issues in healthcare technology - empowering the world’s scientists, engineers, and innovators to make healthcare data useful.

As a full stack Single Page Application (SPA) engineer at Redox, you will create SPAs to configure the operation of, report on data flow within, and troubleshoot on our network. You will work primarily within a service oriented ecosystem and our new front-end stack to create SPAs that:

  • Support the efficiency of our internal users when bringing dozens of new organizations onto our network.
  • Facilitate rapid troubleshooting and technical operations at a scale of millions of transactions per day.
  • Delight our customers with the ability to understand, configure, and report on more aspects of their use of our network.

This is a remote based opportunity. All employees are required to reside within the US due to PHI and contract agreements for accessing the PHI.

To be successful in this role, we expect that you will get to:

  • Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to develop world class SPA applications.
  • Work within a µ-service architecture.
  • Collaborate in defining and developing to stringent Service Level Objectives.
  • Ask for forgiveness, not permission.
  • Continually improve in your craft as a developer.

Your day to day will consist of:

  • Pairing with your teammates to make progress on projects or solve problems.
  • Designing solutions to feature requirements prioritized by Product Management.
  • Implementing solutions designed by you or by teammates through the entirety of the SDLC, including testing, deployment, and operationalization.
  • Reviewing other developers code to ensure it is production ready.
  • Troubleshooting production issues when they arise.
  • Estimating features and projects on the product roadmap.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • A solid background in software development, be that a computer science degree, or more practical experience.
  • 3+ years professional software development experience in one or more general purpose languages.
  • Willingness working in all phases of the SDLC - from requirements, design, and development through testing, deployment, maintenance, and support.
  • Full stack web development experience.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including pairing.
  • Strong desire to expand your professional impact and autonomy.
  • Give and receive feedback effectively.
  • Operate effectively on a remote team.
  • Healthcare IT

It is not expected that any single candidate would have expertise across all of the areas outlined above. Please apply even if you are not sure you meet all these criteria. If you are interested in the role and think it could be a fit, we'd like to hear from you.

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  • Redox

Software Engineer

Rho AI was founded in 2012 by a small team of entrepreneurs, data scientists, and engineers. We set out to develop custom software for professional motorsports to predict an optimal race strategy. Since then, our real-time strategy recommendations have factored heavily into multiple victories and we are proud to count Richard Childress Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, and General Motors as some of our partners.

Today, Rho AI’s products are used in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, sports, waste, water, climate change, and energy. 

  • Self-funded since 2012.
  • Products and services.
  • 100% remote.

Sound interesting?  We’d love to hear from you if you’re looking to:

  • Develop products and services for advanced data science and machine learning applications
  • Be respected in your software design decisions and take ownership of the systems that you build.
  • Learn from and collaborate with senior engineers and co-founders.
  • Have direct access to customers and users.
  • Work on all layers—database, REST API, user interface, and continuous delivery with AWS and Docker—with a team which values modular, clean code.

You have the following skills and experience:

  • Advanced knowledge of Python, ideally with experience in data manipulation using NumPy, Scikit, etc.
  • Advanced knowledge of JavaScript, ideally with experience in React and/or Angular.
  • Experience designing RESTful APIs which have multiple clients: web UIs, mobile, and webhooks.
  • Strong software engineering principles, architecture skills, programming ability, and algorithmic skills.
  • Knowledge of shell and systems administration basics, with experience deploying systems on AWS.
  • Ability (and enthusiasm!) to pick up new technologies.
  • Bonus: Experience with Docker (Kubernetes), AWS, PostgreSQL, Redis.
You’d like these perks:

  • Work from anywhere in the US! Rho AI is a tight-knit, fully distributed team.
  • Work with a highly engaged team, learn together, and make decisions that impact the whole company.
  • Benefits, including health insurance and 401k.

To get an interview, please supply:

  • A cover letter that explains why you are:
  • specifically interested in Rho AI as a company
  • a good fit for this particular position
  • A resume that includes:
  • your relevant professional experience
  • links to code samples, technical blog posts, and other examples of your work

 Send applications to jobs@rho.ai
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  • Rho AI

Backend Developer (Go/PostgreSQL)

​Toggl is an insanely simple time tracking system perfect for small and medium size businesses and freelancers. A simple online timer with powerful reports and team management features, it kills timesheets.​

We're looking for someone to write the next version of the Toggl time reports to be 10 times faster than the current one. If you like this perspective then just might be crazy enough to join the Toggl backend team.

We work with PostgreSQL and Go - if that ticks your boxes, hop on board!

You can work from anywhere in the world. We believe great people do awesome work wherever they are. Toggl has team members in 25+ countries.

All it takes to apply is answering the short skills test linked in the apply button. Only candidates who take the test will be considered.

Free Toggl t-shirt for those who do well on the test!

Starting salary at EUR 50,000 (gross) annually.
  • 6 days ago
  • Toggl

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DevOps Engineer

Reporting directly to the CTO, you’ll be a key member of our growing operations team. You will work closely with our operations team to help build and optimize our application environment. You will evaluate, select and implement new technologies to help HubTran scale.

At Hubtran, you will join a team that:

  • Has experience. The majority of our developers have more than 10 years of professional experience. One has published a book with the Pragmatic Programmers.
  • Has won the Chicago Innovation Award and Harvard Business School New Venture Contest.
  • Is remote friendly. We care about what you can accomplish, not where you choose to accomplish it from.
  • Believes diversity is essential and strongly encourages applications from women and minority candidates.
  • Can articulate their values. You can read about our values at https://engineering.hubtran.com/2017/06/01/welcome-to-the-new-hubtran-blog.
  • Pays well.
  • Offers benefits including health insurance, 4 weeks of vacation, 401k, stock options, and more.
Our environment is Linux based and hosted on AWS and Digital Ocean. We are moving to autoscaling using Docker and Kubernetes. Other technologies used include Consul, Terraform, Nomad, Chef, Ansible, Postgres, Ruby/Rails, Redis and more. While these are the tools we’re currently using, you don’t need to have previous experience with them. We know that good engineers are capable of quickly picking up new languages and tools.

In order to succeed in this role you should be:

  • Experienced. You have managed an entire environment, not just a single server.
  • Curious. You aren’t content with the status quo and know that we can always improve.
  • Self-directed. You can work on your own while prioritizing tasks.
  • Collaborative. You can work with others to improve a solution.
  • Detail Oriented. Measure twice and cut once, only via code.
  • Empathetic. You think about how your decisions will impact others on the team.
  • A strong communicator. You will proactively communicate issues and trade-offs with team members to support alignment and fast decision making.
Bonus points for:

  • Experience with AWS, Digital Ocean, Docker, Kubernetes, Postgresql and Rails.
  • Experience with configuration management in Chef or Ansible.
  • Being in Chicago or Cincinnati.

  • 1 week ago
  • HubTran

Site Reliability Engineer - Ruby on Rails Developer (Remote)

Quimbee is growing! We’re looking to add a new full-time member to our core team. This position is 100% remote (U.S. only). All you need is an internet connection and a quiet place to work.

We prefer a small and highly effective engineering team, so every new team member is vital to the success of the company.

Who We’re Looking For

We are looking for our first site-reliability engineer (SRE). As our SRE, you must have strong experience with Ruby on Rails based applications. Ideally, you're an experienced Ruby on Rails developer with a passion for operations tasks. 

Your focus will be on improving our deployment practices, maintaining, troubleshooting, documenting, and improving the systems that keep our Heroku hosted system running securely and smoothly with the least downtime possible. Eventually, we might also consider alternative hosting platforms in the future, and we expect you to help with that too. There will be a lot of monitoring, alerting, and prioritizing what is worth our attention and what's not. You're expected to investigate and mitigate single points of failure, performance bottlenecks, slow SQL queries, errors, or any other identified issues trying to solve them yourself or with the help of the other developers in the team.

You'll have the opportunity to help us define and shape processes, tools, and best practices in the context of our platform. You'll work closely with our team of developers to determine the current state of our platform as well as defining the future of it. Strong candidates will bring strong engineering and operations acumen, combined with the ability to move fast (and fix things).

We're looking for collaborative, detail-oriented people who are ready for a challenge. In this role, you'll be responsible for working on the critical task of ensuring our backend systems are rock solid and scalable.

You’ll join a small, 100% remote tech team. Your voice will be heard when we need to make new technical decisions as our product grows. We expect you to go beyond coding to give input on the product roadmap, design, and architecture.

We look for:
  • A Ruby developer. You have deep software engineering experience and are comfortable writing code in Ruby as well as at least one other programming language.
  • A DevOps advocate. You believe in the benefits of immutable infrastructure and understand what it takes to implement it from the operating-system level up to datacenter deployments.
  • A data-driven engineer. You know the difference between an MTTR and MTTD and have the skills necessary to optimize them.
  • A great process and code debugger. You feel comfortable leading robust and thorough root cause analysis (RCA) sessions to attack problems at their core and ensure they don’t recur.
  • A self-starter. You take responsibility for projects from idea to completion, proactively seeking assistance as needed while guiding the work to successful outcomes.
  • A versatile engineer. You know what you don’t know and feel comfortable learning new skills. You’re not ashamed of recognizing mistakes and take measures to avoid falling again.
  • A team player. You share code ownership as much as possible. You don't mind fixing other people’s code or stepping in to help a teammate.
  • A minimalist. You believe a new feature should be built only when the evidence supports it. You’re willing to push back when you believe this rule is being ignored or violated.
  • A great communicator. You communicate your ideas, feedback, and criticism thoroughly, clearly, and courteously. You believe there’s no such thing as over-explaining or over-clarifying because that’s how miscommunication is avoided.
  • A business-minded engineer. You have a deep understanding of the importance of building maintainable, efficient, clean code while balancing that with the urgency of the business needs.

Task Examples

Working with us, you could be asked to (solo or as part of a team):
  • Create and maintain documentation about our platform and all the third-party services it depends on, defining a plan of development for failover mechanisms to improve our platform's resilience.
  • Investigate issues reported by our automated systems or our customer support or QA teams, determine impact and root cause, then prioritize and document them, and solve them yourself when possible or sync with our devs team to solve it.
  • Streamline our deployment process so that deployments are as smooth as possible both for our users as well as for our teams, considering the possibility of having to rollback.
  • Educate engineers throughout the company on how to ensure their projects meet our reliability, performance, and security requirements.
  • Reduce the server-side and front-end latency of our application to deliver a lightning-fast user experience.
  • Optimize our hosting bill by increasing throughput and resource efficiency, while planning capacity for the next two years of growth.
  • Determine and configure a core set of metrics and alerts to make sure our apps and servers are running smoothly and that we can react fast if something bad happens.
  • Develop and maintain performance and load tests.
  • Possible on-call responsibilities.
  • Experience hosting apps in Heroku, monitoring, and scaling them up/down
  • B.S. computer science or related field
  • 5+ years of software-engineering experience
  • 2+ years of site-reliability engineering (or similar) experience
  • 1+ years of direct Ruby on Rails experience
  • Strong experience profiling and optimizing applications for speed and memory consumption
  • Strong knowledge of SQL in general and PostgreSQL in particular
  • Experience with at least one programming language other than Ruby and JS
  • Extensive Git (or similar) experience solving complex merging conflicts
  • Know how the web works under the hood: TCP, HTTP, DNS, IP, caches, etc.
  • Native fluency in English
  • U.S. based

Preferred Qualifications

  • Hosting apps in AWS or similar, monitoring, and scaling them up/down
  • Experience working on a SaaS application or with subscription-based businesses generally
  • Experience contributing to Open Source
  • Experience working on a remote team

What We Offer

  • Join a small team who loves what they do.
  • 100% remote work for unlimited flexibility.
  • A competitive salary.
  • Untracked paid time off and sick leave.
  • Healthcare coverage (including dental) for you and your family.
  • 401(k) with 3% company matching.
  • 1 week ago
  • Quimbee

Senior Software Engineer (Frontend)

MetaCommunications, Inc. is looking for an experienced and passionate Senior Software Engineer (Frontend) to provide software engineering leadership and support using cutting edge technologies to support growing client needs. Join a team of developers to build scalable, full stack Cloud–based offerings. Keep up–to–date with technical trends in the industry and evangelize the adoption of new technologies in solution architectures. Maintain responsibility for personal and team goals, give adequate direction to junior developers, and perform peer code reviews. Work extensively with business analysts and UX engineers to deliver world class solutions for clients.

Our Technology Stack:
  • React / Redux.
  • JSON Schema / JSON Rules Engine / JSON Schema Forms.
  • TypeScript.
  • Jest.
  • ES 6 Decorators, Async/ Await.
  • Material UI, Bootstrap, Foundation, Styled Components.
  • Webpack.
  • Docker / Kubernetes / Kafka / Elasticsearch.
Job Description:
MetaCommunications is looking for a talented Frontend Engineer to join our team. We are looking for someone with strong JavaScript skills and a passion for developing solutions that impact Fortune 500 Companies on a daily basis. We are a tight knit team that is focused on providing excellent service to our customers.
Individuals who succeed in this position are exceptional at sharing information, enthusiastic, learn quickly and seek opportunities for developing themselves and the team around them. We're looking for someone who isn't scared of the unknown and likes pushing the envelope. No day will look the same, but you will always be expected to rise to the occasion and overcome challenges.

Join our team and you will:
  • Work with a high-performing team to deliver solutions for some of the world’s top brands
  • Develop new user-facing features using React.js
  • Translate designs and wireframes into high quality code
  • Optimize components for maximum performance
  • Grow in your knowledge of business processes as you see how some of the world’s top brands operate their creative and marketing teams
Need to have:
  • 3+ years of experience with JavaScript
  • 2+ years of experience with software development
  • 1+ years of experience with React.js and Redux
  • Experience with REST or JavaScript
  • Experience with Agile development methods, including TDD, CI, or automated testing
  • Git, Gitflow, d Experience using a version control system, such as git, mercurial, perforce
  • BA or BS degree
  • Experience with CSS pre–processor, including LESS or SASS
  • Experience with server-side technologies-Node.js, .Net Core
  • Experience with issue tracking and change control tools, Team Services, YouTrack, or Jira
  • Experience with building and consuming REST APIs
  • Experience with relational database systems, including PostgreSQL, SQL Server, or MySQL
  • Experience with technical document writing
  • Knowledge of IaaS Cloud hosting solutions, including AWS or Azure
  • Possession of excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of web technologies
  • Experience with relational databases and T-SQL
  • Experience working with a team of developers on software applications

Our Perks/Benefits:
We're a fun team. We build awesome products, solve hard problems and keep a good life balance. Our culture is one of our biggest strengths. In our company, people treat each other with respect and compassion, and together cultivate a culture of teamwork, learning, accountability, and fun. There’s a commitment to understanding the whole person, helping to create a shared, unquestioning environment.
  • Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance
  • 401K
  • Generous PTO, including both maternal and paternal paid time off
  • Optimal workspace in the heart of downtown Iowa City
  • $20/month local gym membership within walking distance
  • Flexible work environment
Why work at Meta? We LOVE...
Our customers:
  • Ability to work directly with our customers, many of whom are Fortune 500 companies.
  • Opportunity to see the software through the customer lens.
Our people:
  • We are passionate about what we do.
  • We collaborate to identify solutions to problems.
  • We challenge each other to be better.
  • Continuous learners.
  • A great mix of cultures and backgrounds.
  • We hang out outside of work hours.
  • Talented colleagues who want to solve customer issues using an innovative technology.
  • People and talent-oriented leadership.
Our products:
  • Exciting technology.
  • Environment allows you to quickly learn how software is developed, deployed and maintained.
  • Fast-paced environment with new challenges at every turn.
  • Opportunities to learn and grow into new roles.
  • Dramatically improve the work experience for our customers.
Our workspace:
  • Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Iowa City, only steps from the best eateries.
  • Great view of the Ped Mall.
  • Natural light everywhere!
  • Farmer’s Market Wednesday.
  • Inside bike racks
  • Free downtown parking
About MetaCommunications:
MetaCommunications develops workflow and collaborative productivity solutions that help marketing, creative design, packaging teams and enables workgroups around the world be more productive.

Our mission is to bring to market new innovative brands, products and approaches to help marketing teams improve creativity, performance and output that delivers dramatic growth and created value for their organization. Our vision is to be a global leader in innovative management solutions that allow people to collaborate, communicate and deliver anytime, anywhere, with speed and simplicity.

Meta’s team members are collaborative, driven, hungry, fearless problem solvers, flexible and uniquely talented. We find new ways to continually improve our products and services with convenience, security, and reliability for the customer as our key goals. Our culture is people-oriented, with continuous learning is at its core. Our main office is located in downtown Iowa City, IA.

As a customer-obsessed organization focused on creating win-win relationships, there are many exciting reasons to join the Meta team. We provide competitive salaries, quality healthcare and an enjoyable office environment. We are deeply mission and vision driven and support flexible schedules when needed.

MetaCommunications has a dynamic, fast-paced, and entrepreneurial environment, which requires a professional, flexible, self-starter orientation. We believe in hiring the best, the brightest, and cultivating a culture of collaboration and appreciation. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, marital status, citizen status, age, disability, military or protected veteran status, genetic predisposition or carrier status or any other legally protected status.

  • 1 week ago
  • MetaCommunications, Inc.

Full Stack API Developer

At Redox, Engineers solve the most complex and challenging issues that slow the adoption of technology in healthcare and prevent the world’s scientists, engineers, and innovators from making healthcare data useful.

As a full stack API engineer at Redox, you will develop ingress and egress solutions to bring our customers’ clients onto the Redox network. Additionally, you will be a part of a team that develops a RESTful API on our platform that enables customers to build and scale solutions to some of the toughest problems in healthcare today.

To be successful in this role, we expect that you will get to:

    • Become familiar with third party APIs and data exchange mechanisms and industry standards for information exchange such as FHIR, DICOM, X12, and CDA.
    • Collaborate with other engineering groups and product management to develop a scalable, RESTful API defined by Redox.
    • Collaborate in defining and developing to stringent Service Level Objectives.
    • Ask for forgiveness, not permission.
    • Continually improve in your craft as a developer.

Your day to day will consist of:

    • Pairing with your teammates to make progress on projects or solve problems.
    • Designing solutions to feature requirements prioritized by Product Management.
    • Implementing solutions designed by you or by teammates through the entirety of the SDLC, including testing, deployment, and operationalization.
    • Reviewing other developers code to ensure it is production ready.
    • Troubleshooting production issues when they arise.
    • Estimating features and projects on the product roadmap.

Preferred Experience

    • A solid background in software development, be that a computer science degree, or more practical experience.
    • 2+ years professional software development experience in one or more general purpose languages.
    • Willingness working in all phases of the SDLC - from requirements, design, and development through testing, deployment, maintenance, and support.
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills, including pairing.
    • Strong desire to expand your professional impact and autonomy.
    • Give and receive feedback effectively.
    • Operate effectively on a remote team.
    • Integrating 3rd party APIs.
    • Healthcare IT.

It is not expected that any single candidate would have expertise across all of the areas outlined above. Please apply even if you are not sure you meet all these criteria. If you are interested in the role and think it could be a fit, we'd like to hear from you.

  • 1 week ago
  • Redox

Senior Python Engineer

15Five is looking for a top-notch Senior Python Engineer to help us bring user experience to the next level. You will work in an amazing environment where both professional and personal growth is promoted. You’ll be playing an important role in collectively creating a company that helps others reach their highest potential. This role will be based in Europe, with the opportunity to work remotely.

Life is too short to build an average product. We strive for greatness in every corner of our product; from launching new features to fixing the smallest bug. We care deeply about the quality of what we put out into the world and ensure 15Five delivers a purposefully positive experience at every touchpoint and customer interaction.

What you'll do:
  • Build high-quality robust features in close collaboration with our product team
  • Take ownership of everything you build - take responsibility for the overall success of the project you're working on instead of just your part
  • Proactively address technical debt and positively impact code coverage
  • Provide constructive feedback through code reviews and be humble to embrace feedback that will help you learn and improve our work and processes

What you'll bring:
  • 3+ years of full-time experience in Python (Django, Celery)
  • Strong knowledge of database design and optimization (PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • Ability to understand and articulate the requirements and challenges
  • Understanding the main approaches in building high-load environment
  • Exposure to AWS is a plus
  • Experience with distributed systems/databases is a plus

Who you are:
  • You have passion for 15Five's WHY of creating the space for people to be their greatest selves, and - You are totally aligned with 15Five's Values
  • You enjoy working in a team of like-minded people yet thrive working independently and owning projects
  • You have a strong reputation for accountability - your colleagues know they can rely on you
  • Someone with a low tolerance for mediocre work
  • You communicate in a clear and succinct manner and effectively evaluate information / data to make decisions
  • You desire to always be learning and staying on top of the latest trends and technologies
  • You’re passionate about, not only being extraordinary in your work life, but creating an extraordinary personal life as well

By the 3 month mark, you'll...
  • Be fully up to speed with other Python engineers in the company, owning an area in the application
  • Be able to handle the same amount of tickets as other engineers on the team, completing them in a reasonable amount of time.

By the 6 month mark, you'll...
  • Be contributing culturally and to the team, contributing valuable code reviews
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm to continually improve our processes (not just closing tickets)

By the 12 month mark, you'll...
  • Be training and mentoring new members of the team
  • Take on more features/ areas -you will have a reputation for being the go-to resource for specific features

  • 2 weeks ago
  • 15Five

Experienced Software Engineers

Loco2 is looking for experienced Ruby engineers to join our existing team, where you'll help us maintain and improve our existing infrastructure, integrate new rail operator booking systems and scale effectively for our rapidly expanding user base.

This is a Full-time, working office hours, usually from 9.30-6 GMT. There’s flexibility in working hours and we offer a generous holiday allowance, and a salary that reflects your experience.

This is a remote position, you might however, be required to visit the office at Old Street to attend to business meetings, events, and so on.

The role

  • Our software stack consists of a pure-Ruby backend library which we use to communicate with train booking APIs, a modern Rails application, a PostgreSQL database, and two native mobile applications (iOS and Android).

  • We’re integrated with multiple rail operator booking systems (with our current team we usually complete at least 1-2 major integrations each year), and we’re increasingly consuming other types of data too (e.g. timetable data for routing, real-time arrivals/departures etc).

  • We need to diligently manage technical complexity, as each external system works in a slightly different way, with its own features and quirks. SOAP is (unfortunately) used by many operator APIs, which is why we released our open source library, LolSoap.

  • Some of the most difficult challenges we face relate to routing and making sense of lots of data. Which routes are best to get from A to B? Which booking systems should be queried? How might we cache data without affecting accuracy of results?

  • We’ve recently released mobile applications for iOS and Android. Further developing our mobile strategy is a key goal for the business.

  • Because Loco2 is the merchant of record for all transactions we are also responsible for fraud prevention, and handling currency and other finance-related issues.

  • We frequently release new features that drive rapid organic growth, and so it’s vital that we anticipate and address scaling challenges before they occur.

    Essential Skills & Experience

  • Has 4+ years of professional programming experience

  • Has deep knowledge and experience of Ruby

  • Is fluent in English and confident communicating and sharing complex information and learnings with both technical and non-technical team members

  • Has a good working knowledge of modern devops technologies such as Docker

  • Is comfortable designing object oriented software from scratch, not just implementing CRUD Rails apps; a pragmatist who can see the trade-offs involved in the different approaches to solving a problem

The ideal candidate

  • Strives to discover and understand the root cause of problems, suggesting new and improved solutions, rather than treating the symptoms.

  • Actively considers future maintainability when deciding how to implement something.

  • Has a keen appetite for self-improvement and growth, but doesn't hesitate to ask for help when needed.

  • Enjoys getting their teeth stuck into complicated problems, as well as being willing to pitch in on some of the more routine tasks which inevitably arise.

  • Is willing to participate in an on-call rota to cover technical emergencies out of hours.

  • Can work hours that have some overlap with London daytime.

  • Is motivated by Loco2's mission.

Some questions we'd like you to include in your application:

  • What are some of the most challenging/interesting programming tasks you have worked on?

  • Why do you want to work for Loco2?

  • In what country and timezone do you live?

  • What are your approximate salary expectations? (please state currency)

  • 2 weeks ago
  • Loco2 Ltd

Director of Engineering

About the position

We are looking for a Director of Engineering who will build and scale the development teams for our two cloud products, i.e. Jibble and PayrollPanda. Creating a new tools and shared services team and spearheading the implementation of a new front-end for both products. It's an exciting opportunity for an experienced manager that is looking for a new challenge with a fast growing startup. Lots of perks including equity and most importantly remote working.

Responsibilities include:

  • Organize full lifecycle software development for multiple products
  • Contributing and carefully overseeing the most critical or challenging development tasks
  • Hiring and building a quality engineering team including developers, testers and dev-ops
  • Drive the execution and delivery of features by collaborating with product lead developers and managers
  • Proactive in foreseeing issues and resolve it before it happens
  • Mentoring lead developers and direct reports and helping them enhance their careers
  • Motivating the development team and ensuring morale is high
  • Building and managing software testing workflow and procedures
  • Evaluate and deploy software tools, processes and metrics
  • Ensure compliance with project plans and industry standards

Requirements are:

  • 10+ years' experience of working as a software engineer or web developer
  • 5+ years' experience of working as a manager or lead developer
  • 3+ years of developing web applications using NodeJS, Loopback, MongoDB and PostgreSQL (or another RDBMS)
  • Previous experience of scaling a development team (including developers, testers, dev-ops) from a headcount of less than < 10 to beyond 30
  • Exceptional problem solving abilities and communication skills
  • Agile software development methodologies and significant experience with Atlassian products to manage process
  • Work within European timezone
  • BS degree in Computer Science or Engineering
  • 2 weeks ago
  • Jibble Group

Contract Lead/Senior Ruby on Rails Developer (2-3 months)

As a Contract Lead Ruby on Rails Developer at Bit Zesty you will be working alongside the product management and UX design teams to make the products we build rock-solid and scalable.
It is the perfect opportunity for someone who is experienced in creating dynamic web applications and passionate about clean code and is looking for a short contract (2-3 months).

  • Take wireframes/mockups and user stories and build systems that meet the requirements
  • Create user-friendly web app interfaces by working closely with UX designers and front-end developers
  • Design, build and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable Ruby code.
  • Devops: improve automation of the software development process.
  • Identify performance issues and bugs, and provide solutions to these problems.
  • Work with other team members to ensure we are building the right product
  • Participate in code reviews
  • Pair-program with other developers or discuss possible technical architectures
  • Contribute to creating a culture of writing excellent software

  • 4+ years experience developing applications with Ruby on Rails
  • Expert in HTML, CSS & JS
  • Excellent knowledge of SQL (MySQL/PostgreSQL)
  • Experience with NoSQL (MongoDB/CouchDB/ElasticSearch)
  • Passion for good user experience
  • Passion for technology
  • Superb organisational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to take initiative and work with minimal supervision
  • University degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related subject

  • A friendly, open-minded and collaborative team working closely with the CTO
  • Autonomy, we don't micromanage our teams
  • Challenging environment - you will be working on new complex projects
  • Day rate dependent on experience (200-300 EUR)
  • 2 weeks ago
  • Bit Zesty

Senior Full Stack JS Engineer


React, Redux, Electron, Docker, Hardware Devices (printers and label makers), AWS, PostgreSQL, Redis, and Node.js

Company Information

We are a group of individuals that share a common goal; to bring a sense of professionalism and reliability to the cannabis industry. Our software enables dispensaries to scale and handle the customer volume with ease. Our applied expertise in retail tech and intuitive user interfaces have proven to increase revenue and reduce inventory variations for our clients while being enjoyable to use.

Position Information

We’re looking for a skilled developer that’s very familiar with our stack of React and Node.js. You should have a strong understanding of user experience that is communicated clearly. You should have expertise in software architecture and performance, within web, electron applications, and servers. Our idea of the perfect candidate would be someone that sees the large picture, comes up with multiple solutions, and hops in a variety of roles of our business. This could range from improving performance of specific components, creating a back-end service, killing two minutes off the build time, creating an entire new design for specific sections, or setting up A/B testing. There are a wide-range of problems we want to accomplish and we’re looking for the right individual to tackle them with us. We’re a small team with a lot of room to grow and we’re hoping you can grow with us!


  • As a senior engineer at Yobi, you will be expected to jump in where you’re needed on a variety of applications.

  • As our team grows you will rotate responsibility for code-reviews, mentorship, and overall guidance of our newbies.

  • Obviously, as the listing states, you should know React and the Node ecosystem pretty darn well. This application has been alive for about 3 years and we’re pretty happy about where it’s at. However, we know it can be better and we want to hire someone that makes us look like schmucks.

  • You’ll be expected to get your assigned work done within the allotted time discussed by the team. We use Wrike to track our work and generally use it as a sprint-style Kanban board. Generally, we’re online and available for 8 hours of the day. If you need to take a breather in the middle of the day, go for it.

  • We have a distributed system of services and APIs that are consumed by the client application. We’d like experience with AWS as that’s the backbone of our architecture and we don’t have a full time operations team.

  • Although we don’t require testing of our components or utilities, we’d really like to start making that a requirement. We’re currently using Jest and Enzyme for React and Mocha for Node. Familiarity with those tools and writing your code in a way that can be tested is preferred.

  • Understanding design patterns, code smell, front-end architecture, and back-end architecture is strongly preferred.

Yobi Benefits

  • $90,000 Salary

  • Employee Stock Options

  • $3,000 Equipment Allowance

  • $1,000 Education Budget

  • Internet paid for

  • Software paid for

  • 15 Days Vacation

  • 5 Sick Days

  • 100% Remote Work

We’re a completely dispersed team and we love working remotely. Occasionally, you’ll have to fly out for team huddles to our home base in Las Vegas, NV. We’re a lean team located throughout the US in Vegas, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. If you’re highly proficient, very communicative, and ready to take the retail cannabis market by the buds -- drop us a line careers@getyobi.com
  • 2 weeks ago
  • Yobi

Software Engineer - Backend / Distributed Systems

We are looking for a software engineer with experience with backend and distributed systems to join our team. You will help solve challenges in and improve our fault tolerance, latency, and queuing. Simply put, you will help design, implement, and improve our architectural vision.  Work out of our Downtown LA offices, or remotely.

We're looking for someone who:

  • Has a love of learning.
  • Thrives in a fast-paced, dynamic and highly collaborative environment. 
  • Enjoys the chance to pair with their peers and gives and receives well-crafted feedback.
  • Foundational knowledge of data structures, algorithms, queueing theory, fault-tolerance, caching, consensus and coordination between distributed systems.
  • At least five years of software development experience supporting a high-volume SaaS.
  • Experience developing in one or more of the following programming languages: Ruby, Python, Go.
  • Knowledge of relational databases and NoSQL systems.
  • Understanding of how the Internet works (networking and protocols).

Bonus experience and skills:

  • Building and maintaining APIs (e.g. REST, gRPC, GraphQL)
  • Knowledge of event and streaming systems (e.g. Kafka, Spark, Kappa or Lambda architectures)

Note that this engineer will join the on-call rotation after an onboarding period.

Our stack:

Our platform is primarily built with Ruby on Rails with some additional Ruby and Go services. Data is stored in PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Couchbase, Redis, and Hadoop. All on a cloud native architecture in AWS and managed with Terraform and Puppet.

NationBuilder is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity. We are committed to finding talent that is not determined on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.
  • 2 weeks ago
  • NationBuilder

Software Engineer, DevOps


We’re looking for a Software Engineer skilled in DevOps to join our growing Engineering team! You should apply if you’re comfortable participating in strategic conversations about and getting your hands dirty writing code to improve tooling, data, infrastructure, and integrations. Our ideal candidate approaches work with empathy, respect, and humility.

About Us

Our mission is to build a world where no one’s health is hindered by their need.

We're effecting change for the most vulnerable among us by building software that social workers, nurses, patient advocates and care coordinators at Hospitals and Health Insurance companies use to connect their patients with social services. Our software addresses "social determinants," such as access to food, housing, childcare and jobs, which determine over 60% percent of our population's health. Our aim is to move the needle on healthcare outcomes and cost for these populations. After only 5 years, we've managed to touch the lives of over 6 million people in need. Our products are in use by some of the top health plans and Hospitals in the country such as BlueCross BlueShield and Johns Hopkins Healthcare.

We support diverse individuals and communities in need. We believe it’s crucial to build a team that is equally diverse. We enjoy meeting people who share in our commitment to cultivate thoughtful and safe work environments, and understand the meaning and importance of our mission. We encourage individuals from marginalized and underrepresented communities to apply!


About the Role

Software Engineer (DevOps) Engineer will:

  • Collaborate in Platform Squad sprints, standups, and retros with a team of software and data engineers
  • Architect, develop, and test (automated and manual) software to integrate with internal and external systems
  • Develop tools to automate workflows and improve developer efficiency
  • Perform root cause analysis for production errors
  • Implement and evangelize security, stability, and monitoring best practices
  • Be part of our on-call rotation

About You

  • 6+ years experience in software engineering with a focus on DevOps, Infrastructure, or SRE
  • Knowledge of server infrastructure including cloud-based platforms (e.g. AWS, Aptible, GCE)
  • Experience with virtualization and containerization using Docker or equivalent
  • Experience architecting and implementing monitoring and alerting systems, including evaluating effective vendors (e.g. New Relic, Datadog, SumoLogic, Sentry)
  • Fluency with scripting in bash, Ruby, Python, ECMAScript, Lua or equivalent
  • Readiness to collaborate on data and integrations engineering problems
  • Comfort with automated testing
  • Enthusiasm for joining a growing team where you’ll have high impact and dynamic work

...And the following would be nice:
  • Production experience with React, Postgresql, and/or Elasticsearch
  • Professional experience in a high-growth startup environment
  • Experience working in healthcare or social impact-oriented organizations
  • Interest in and experience with teaching and mentoring fellow developers


Together, we live into our Core Values

  • We lead with empathy: We believe in kindness, empathy, assuming good intentions and finding mutual understanding from our teammates, customers, and users.
  • We lean into vulnerability: We're not afraid to ask for help or give and receive feedback. We build off our failures and don’t shy away from tough conversations.
  • We rise above the status quo: The status quo leads to pain for the people we serve, our communities, and our clients. We do our best to rise above the status quo, and to do things that no one else are doing. On an individual level, we improve ourselves and are always learning.
  • We match grit with wit: We're creative and resourceful. We find solutions to every problem

...and to further support them, we offer:
  • Unlimited Vacation
  • A comprehensive tech set up
  • Equipment allowance
  • Education reimbursement allowance
  • Monthly unlimited MetroCard reimbursement (New York only)
  • Monthly wellness reimbursement
  • 401k with 4% matching
  • 100% covered Medical, Dental & Vision insurance
  • Inclusive Parental leave
  • Flexible work schedule with work-from-home options
  • Weekly team lunches and learning opportunities
  • 2 weeks ago
  • Healthify

Software Engineer - Integrations (Remote, Contract)

Cinchapi is seeking a Fullstack Software Engineer to join our Integrations team. In this role, you’ll work directly with our customers to solve challenging problems using our software platforms.

As a Software Engineer on the Integrations team, you’ll deploy Cinchapi’s technology to meet customer needs, build integrations with third party systems and solicit constant feedback from customers to improve our products with rapid iteration cycles.

A successful candidate is someone that has worked on enterprise JVM systems and modern reactive Javascript applications.

This is a full-time contract position that initially pays between $35-$40 per hour.

Technologies we use

  • Core Cinchapi platforms and products provide the foundation for customer deployments.
  • Java for backend services.
  • VueJS and D3 for frontend applications.
  • Docker, Google Cloud and AWS for infrastructure.

What you’ll do

  • Build custom frontend and backend software that use core Cinchapi platforms for data integration, storage and analytics.
  • Build ad-hoc APIs and integrations to connect various 3rd party systems with Cinchapi and each other.
  • Use machine learning to create algorithms that provide functionality like intelligent matching and smart recommendations.
  • Make enhancements and bug fixes to core Cinchapi platforms to better solve common customer problems.

What we’re looking for

  • Intermediate experience with Java and the JVM.
  • Intermediate experience with VueJS and Nuxt or another reactive Javascript ecosystem.
  • Experience working with NoSQL databases like MongoDB.
  • Experience working with SQL databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Experience with Docker or containerization, in general.
  • Comfort with Bash and the Linux command line (i.e. a knack for creating shell scripts to automate system administration tasks).

What we’d love to see

  • A familiarity with ConcourseDB, Cinchapi’s open-source distributed database warehouse for transactions, search and analytics across time.
  • A demonstrated understanding of various challenges associated with distributed systems at scale and experience overcoming them.
  • Previous interfacing directly with customers (technical and non-technical)
  • Experience with Kubernetes.
  • Understanding of the CAP theorem.
  • Knowledge of database internals and appreciation for the inner-workings of complex storage systems.
  • A history of contributing to open source projects.

About Cinchapi

Cinchapi is a venture-funded technology startup on a mission to make data make sense. We give enterprise companies real-time data insights with the power to act when it matters. The Cinchapi Data Platform is the world’s first code-free system for data discovery, analytics and automation powered by machine learning.

  • 2 weeks ago
  • Cinchapi

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

The team you join

With a small team of ambitious developers AutoUncle has changed the game of how cars are bought and sold in 10 European countries, competing against some of the Internet's biggest companies. We’re really proud about how we’ve led the development of online transparency in the car market and grateful for the accelerated growth we continue to experience. Our results are a product of a strong team, great culture and a guiding principle of making it hassle-free to buy and sell cars.

Most people know AutoUncle for the consumer service (native apps and web) used by millions of consumers across Europe. But new colleagues tend to get very excited when they see the technological depth there is to AutoUncle’s platform (accurate car valuations, indexing and data processing of millions cars daily, pro dealership tools, automatic marketing platforms, automated billing and so much more).

The Journey

When you join AutoUncle, you sign up for a journey of building one of Europe’s biggest consumer services. The company is financially strong and operating as a fast growing startup. We have few managers and expect new colleagues to get onboard willing to make a difference and grow themselves as part of the journey.

The Culture

We believe the best results are produced in environments where people enjoy working. As you get started you’ll quickly appreciate that the company has a clear vision and a healthy, Danish work culture. We optimise for working smart and have a strong commitment to the type of workplace we want at AutoUncle.

In development we follow the Scrum regime as a way to stay agile and focus a lot on learning and feedback. We’ve been operating as a distributed team for years and have a healthy “virtual-first” approach to collaboration. You’ll get to learn people from different cultures, speak a lot of English and get a chance to visit our offices in Denmark (Aarhus), Germany and Romania

The Stack

Our current stack runs on Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, SASS, React.js, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcached, Sidekiq Enterprise, Dedicated servers + AWS.

We work using: Github, Slack, Gotomeeting, Trello, Honeybadger, Google Analytics, Semaphore(for automated testing) as well as a range of internally built monitoring and management systems.

The You

You’re a talented backend developer with strong Ruby on Rails experience. We’re not picky about academic background, but expect that you have a well-trained analytical mindset and are capable of designing architectures yourself. You should be a fast learner and comfortable working independently with prior experience with remote work.

Your application should be directed to Co-founder, Jonas Bruun Nielsen and include a few paragraphs where you tell us a bit about yourself and what interests you about the position. Besides that we’re super curious to see what you’ve done before: code examples of work, interfaces you’ve built and perhaps responsibilities you have had in other projects. The more specific the better. If we sense there is a good match we’ll invite you to talk and perhaps visit our office in Aarhus.

    • 2 weeks ago
    • AutoUncle

    JavaScript Data Visualization Engineer - HighCharts

    We are seeking an expert JavaScript-based Data Visualization expert. Specifically, we are looking for someone with a proven track record of working with and customizing Highcharts. Experience in other JavaScript-based Data Visualization libraries such as D3 would be nice to have. The website is built in Drupal, and we have existing engineers working on the Drupal side of the website -- you will partner with them so you will not need to do more than lightly interface with Drupal. The site makes heavy use of the Highcharts library to create data visualizations, and the work will mostly involve updating those visualizations, making them more extensible, customizable, and maintainable. The visualizations are mostly charts and graphs of data such as population levels, greenhouse gas emissions, etc., but there are also some maps created using Carto so experience in Carto is desirable. The data for the visualizations is stored in PostgreSQL databases in Carto, so some experience with SQL is required to fetch the data from Carto for the Highcharts visualizations.

    You need to be able to take on existing code. The existing code certainly isn’t perfect, but it’s not unusable either. Over time, your work on the data visualizations should improve the code organization and streamlining. We are seeking someone who loves to architect clean, DRY, and efficient code.

    Although our current phase of work on this project will not involve moving away from Highcharts as the visualization library, we are very interested in exploring other technical options for the next version of the site, which we will start working on later this year. We would love for you to share your knowledge about modern JS data visualizations with us.

    • 3+ years of JavaScript experience in a web development context
    • Significant demonstrable experience customizing Highcharts
    • Basic knowledge of SQL
    • Ability to demonstrate knowledge of best practices in code architecture and organization
    • Competency with git
    • Able to work well with other engineers, designers, product managers, and clients
    • Some experience with JavaScript-based mapping stacks, preferably Carto

    Nice to have:
    • Experience in other JS data visualization libraries. And up-to-date knowledge and opinions of the technology space.
    • Experience in PostgreSQL

    • 2 weeks ago
    • Exygy Inc.

    Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

    We’re looking for a developer with a great deal of independence and self organization with proven experience in building production ready web applications. We expect this person to be able to demonstrate an expert understanding in web application development, especially Ruby on Rails and have a commitment to user experience and customer satisfaction.

    Minimum Qualifications

    • 5+ years building production Ruby on Rails applications >= 4.1.0
    • 5+ years building production full stack web applications (HTML, CSS, Javascript).
    • 4+ years relational database design (preferably PostgreSQL > 9.0).
    • 2+ years Test Driven Development preferably using MiniTest
    • 2+ years experience with linux system administration (preferably Ubuntu).
    • 2+ years source control management using Git.

    Desired Qualifications

    • Experience deploying scalable applications using Sidekiq, Redis, GCP.
    • Experience with ReactJS and/or AngularJS
    • Experience in financial services, advertising, or affiliate management spaces.
    • Experience with ElasticSearch.
    • Experience with Google Play Store / iTunes Connect release processes.
    • Experience with Browser extensions and Google Chrome Store.
    • Experience with Kubernetes or Containers.


    • Competitive salary commensurate to experience and qualifications.
    • Flexible time off.
    • Work fully remote.
    • 2 weeks ago
    • Retail Benefits, Inc

    Senior DevOps Engineer

    About Us
    Mokriya takes software seriously. We’re pragmatic crafters who believe in smart and focused development, building clients’ products just as we do our own: investing heavily in design, iterating rapidly to validate and falsify ideas, and pursuing perfection in every interaction. We learned a lot of interesting things along the way about the right way to ship software, and we're now bringing our incredible software product experience to larger companies like Verizon, Google, Intel, Twitter, Sony, L'Oréal— and we do this all with a fully distributed team.

    We believe that well-made software can change the world, no matter how small or simple a product might be. We also believe that poorly-made software —badly-designed, badly-developed, or badly-supported— is a preventable tragedy.

    Mokriya’s mission is to make great software: for ourselves, for our clients and most importantly for our users.

    About You
    You love to build. When you're not at your job, you're probably tinkering on some contraption in the basement or figuring out how to take apart . You get a thrill from figuring out a clever way to solve a problem. You are a good software tester with strong programming fundamentals and you really take pride in knowing the ins and outs of the programming languages and libraries you are working on. You are a product-focused Engineer that cares about details and—this is obvious—you take pride in your work.

    If this sounds like you, and you've been working on DevOps, you should apply. We strongly encourage and are proponents of diversity.

    Why should I be excited to work here?
    First, it’s fun. Not in the “everyone pretend to have fun, we’re a startup, where are the Nerf guns?” way, either. It’s fun to work at Mokriya because beyond the perks and good times, we’re a happy team of people who love to design and build great products. It’s not just that we have a great organizational structure in which everyone is really empowered to act; it’s also that we hire for fit and bring in folks only if we’re confident in their integrity, capability, and drive.

    No one will watch over your shoulder, and you won't have to spend time watching over anyone else's either. We’re a talented team of doers. There’s little bureaucracy, and we hate blocking. Our product managers spend their time making sure you can get things done in the way that best suits your preferences and the project needs.

    Autonomy, creativity, thoughtfulness, trust: if you care about those things, you'll be happy here. And more importantly, we'd be honored to hire you.

  • Automating build, release/deployment, manual processes and workflows.
  • Defining and delivering cloud agnostic IaaS and PaaS components to support in-house developed software and data models
  • Design for a Cloud agnostic solution that has maximum flexibility and operability.
  • Ensure that software builds happen predictably, consistently and reliably
  • Manage risks and resolve issues that affect scope, schedule, and quality
  • Support and improve our tools, infrastructure, and processes that support rapid and reliable delivery of high-quality software to our production service. Advocate for improving our build and release toolchain. Support deployment activities of development and production releases including troubleshooting of release blockers such as infrastructure, configuration, and code.
  • Assist development in troubleshooting system and software issues in all environments
  • Work closely with development teams to create processes and tools that provide immediate feedback on source changes
  • Design/manage process for Docker creation pipeline
  • Write effective documentation

  •  Requirements
  • 6+ years’ experience across entire SDLC, CI/CD tools, with configuration & release management, deployments, and troubleshooting in cloud environments
  • Experience in working with a Virtual team in a production cloud environment (preferably PaaS or SaaS)
  • Experience with one or more tools from each category:
  • IaaS Platforms: AWS, Azure, etc
  • Virtualization: Docker, Vagrant, VMWare, Virtualbox, etc
  • Config Mgmt:  Ansible, Terraform
  • CI / CD: TeamCity, Jenkins, GO Pipeline, etc
  • Scripting: Bash, Powershell, Python, Perl, MSBuild
  • Networking: DNS, Routing, Firewalls, Load balancers, etc
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, SQL Server,
  • Version Control: Git, Github
  • Orchestration: Kubernetes, Mesos, DCOS
  • Experience with administrating Java environments (JVM, Maven, Ant, etc.).
  • Strong communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Strong experience with Windows and Linux systems
  • Strong understanding of source code version control systems, TFS, Github, and code branching/merging strategies
  • Expertise with build and release tools such as Maven, JVM, Ant
  • Experience with deploying .NET code as Windows Docker images in the Cloud

  • Nice to have:
  • Experience with Azure, Mesos, Hashicorp Consul and Vault, Jfrog Artificatory.
  • Monitoring: Zenos, LogicMonitor
  • Logging: Graylog, Splunk, etc
  • Experience with JIRA and Confluence

    • 2 weeks ago
    • Mokriya Inc

    API Tech Lead (Python/Flask)

    Are you ready to join us?

    If you are a Python Developer and you are passionate about designing a good API experience, we are looking to for a technology leader to drive the evolution of our public facing API. With existing production customers and integration with mainstream ERPs, you will be leading a dedicated team that will be responsible to deliver the technology roadmap for this product and iterate on existing functionality based on user feedback.

    Ebury is characterized by a horizontal structure, where teams join all the steps of the production process in a proactive way and in permanent contact with stakeholders. That’s why the ideal candidate needs teamwork aptitudes and to be ready to leave a footprint in this sector.


    • Deep knowledge of Python and API development
    • Experience implementing API authentication solutions (OAuth,OpenID Connect ,..)
    • Implemented API performance testing and load safeguards
    • Familiar with API standards such as OpenAPI
    • Open source SQL databases such as PostgreSQL or MySQL
    • Able to lead other developers and working with stakeholders to document and clarify requirements
    • Able to support Sales and Customer Relationship teams by participating in customer conversations around technology products
    • Familiar with Agile methodologies (SCRUM)
    • Experience managing small teams (3-4 developers)
    • Previous experience of remote working
    • Familiar with AWS API gateway and container orchestration.
    • Good English level


    • Great professional opportunity in a company that has an incredible growth track-record in the last five years and in a continuing innovative environment
    • Participate in one of the most disruptive technological sector
    • We offer competitive conditions as well as the possibility to keep growing thanks to continuous reviews and career plan
    • 2 weeks ago
    • Ebury

    Lead Infrastructure Engineer

    It's 2019 isn't it time to find a job that lets you work where you want? 

    Who Is Follow Up Boss?
    • We’re a simple, sales-focused CRM for real estate teams (and we use our own product) 
    • We’re a self funded, profitable company started back in April of 2011
    • We’re a remote company with a mostly US-based team
    • We don’t just claim to be customer-centric - we live it: https://www.facebook.com/followupboss/reviews
    • Check out our video on how we work: https://www.followupboss.com/about/

    Why Would You Want To Work Here?
    • We’re a young, ambitious company who only answers to our customers 
    • Opportunity to have a big impact on our growth and your career
    • No red tape or pointless meetings
    • Competitive salary, health/dental insurance and 20 days paid holiday, $1000 to outfit your home office, yearly company meetup

    This Role Is For You If…
    • You would describe yourself as patient, empathetic and having a good sense of humour
    • You’re independent, self-motivated and can stay efficient and productive without someone looking over your shoulder all day long
    • Superb written and verbal skills (with a professional yet fun demeanor).

    Your qualifications:
    • Self motivated and proactive mindset.
    • Remote work experience is considered an asset.
    • Based in the USA, quiet home office with fast internet.
    • Has lead operations team successfully in the past.
    • Strong experience with configuration and infrastructure automation using tools like Docker, Chef, Kubernetes, Helm, and Terraform
    • Well versed in using and managing various Amazon Web Services offerings. We use services such as ECR, EKS, RDS, EC2, Route 53, S3, ElastiCache and more.
    • Continue to establish Infrastructure as Code culture and practices (we've newly started these initiatives).
    • Strong experience with monitoring and alerting systems (we use Datadog, StatsD, PagerDuty, Pingdom)
    • Strong knowledge of scripting languages (Bash, PHP, Python)
    • Strong knowledge of relational databases (we use Aurora MySQL and PostgreSQL)
    • Strong knowledge of CI/CD environments
    • Strong knowledge of UNIX and networking.
    • Proven track record of being security conscious.
    • Has the ability to cross into the application development side as necessary.

    Your responsibilities will include:
    • Once familiar, take ownership and responsibility for the infrastructure, reliability, scalability and performance of our applications and services. 
    • Accept and learn about the current state of our infrastructure to best identify how to improve it.
    • Help build and lead an Ops team.
    • Determine top infrastructure priorities.
    • Actively measures and monitors systems.
    • Actively troubleshoots issues with the infrastructure and services.
    • Press us forward with more automation and tooling to support our customer growth and engineering team effectiveness.
    • Mentor other team members.

    30 Day Targets:
    • Become familiar with the infrastructure, on-call team, product architecture and existing tools 
    • Pair with engineers to gain knowledge about the system and how we work 
    • Improve the new hire onboarding process, by being a part of it 
    • Assist with internal security related work (e.g. company VPN, tweaking AWS IAM roles, etc)

    60 Day Targets:
    • Join on-call team.
    • Determine key metrics not measured, setup monitoring and alerting for them 
    • Take over the responsibility of applying (and automating) security updates to our servers 
    • Assist in API rate limiting project.

    90 Day Targets:
    • Identify top infrastructure problems, develop a plan to address them
    • Assist in hiring additional engineers for Ops team.
    • Lead the on-call team.

    Our Core Engineering Values
    • Teamwork
    • Communication
    • Code Quality
    • Focus and Prioritization
    • Customer Driven
    • Leadership Qualities

    If this sounds like a great fit we would love to hear from you.
    We're not accepting applications from agencies.
    • 2 weeks ago
    • Follow Up Boss

    Ops Engineer

    As a member of our Ops team, you will be at the heart of nearly every application, tool, and service at Help Scout. The work you do everyday will reflect the team mission: Ensure uptime and security across all of our applications while developing and supporting tools to enable customer bliss. While the mission might be straightforward, anyone who has delivered high availability services and developer tooling at scale, knows this is no simple task. 

    To help us with our mission, we are seeking an experienced Ops Engineer to join our team. You will have a direct impact on Help Scout’s success, while helping more than 8,000 businesses around the world. While customers love our product, it means nothing if they can't access our services with great performance.

    Technologies we work with

    • AWS, Linux (Ubuntu/CentOS), Chef, Git/Github, RabbitMQ, AWS Aurora MySQL & PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Jenkins, Docker/Compose, New Relic, Sensu, PagerDuty, Ruby, Go, Python, Java, and PHP.

    About the role

    • You’ll be working on a small team of six (that includes one of our co-founders) and in collaboration with our software developers to build, deploy, secure, manage, and optimize highly-available, fault-tolerant, and horizontally scalable systems in AWS.
    • Ideally, we are looking to add more coverage to the(UTC-5) timezone, but we are open to candidate in UTC-6,-7, or-8 if you are willing to time shift to accommodate the preferred timezone.
    • Our engineering teams communicate mostly via Slack and are committed to remote, agile development. When your code is ready, you’ll create and send a pull request with test cases and tag your team for review. 
    • We are investing heavily in continuous integration and delivery and strive to uphold immutable infrastructure standards. 
    • You’ll work autonomously for the most part and we trust you to get work done when/where you can be productive.
    • In order to ensure excellent service to our customers, you will be part of our rotating on-call team.

    A note about on-call

    • The 5-week rotation follows this format: 1 week on backup on-call(which rarely sees much action), 1 week of being on-call, followed by a 3 week hiatus from on-call.
    • Our on-call shift is not particularly wearisome, but as a thank you for carrying the weight for the week, the day following your shift is a free day off if you want to take it. We want you happy, healthy and well-rested!

    About you

    • You have a deep understanding of what it takes to run SaaS at scale and have a solid understanding of Linux systems and networking; from kernel to shell, system libraries, file systems and client-server protocols.
    • You have a growth mindset, a passion for learning, and are willing to lean into discomfort for the good of our customers and product. 
    • You are proficient and comfortable in the AWS ecosystem.
    • Security engineering is near and dear to your heart; you build with and advocate for a security mindset when implementing new features and infrastructure.
    • You are adept at automating service and infrastructure configuration via industry standard tools(E.g. Chef, Terraform).
    • You have experience building continuous deployment and testing tools. Bonus points if you’ve built and managed a containerized production deployment environment at scale.  
    • You have experience working with MTAs(e.g exim, postfix) and SPAM filtering(e.g. rspamd, SpamAssassin)
    • You have experience building continuous deployment and testing tools. Bonus points if you’ve built and managed a containerized production deployment environment at scale.  
    • You became an engineer because you like building systems, tools or products that help people.
    • You design and build systems that work well and fail gracefully.
    • You write code and scripts that other engineers can easily read and understand and you welcome reviews and feedback from your peers. You are comfortable writing tests and you thoroughly verify your work before you deploy. 
    • You’re a great communicator and have an excellent command of written and spoken English.As a remote company, we rely on clear communication for collaboration and execution. 
    • You believe remote teams are the future of work, or are at least excited about the idea. You have experience working with remote teams or can adjust your work and time-management style to be remote-friendly.
    • You are helpful and empathetic and care about building on our company culture that embraces these qualities.


    • Competitive Salary - We pay at or above market salary in most cases and evaluate a lot of research to make sure everyone is paid well. The formula we use to calculate all salaries is public to employees and is improved upon regularly.
    • Health and dental insurance - We cover you and your family's health/dental insurance 100%. If you are based in the US, we'll cover you on our Aetna policy. If you're based outside the US, we offer a healthcare stipend.
    • Long-term/Short-term Disability Insurance & Life Insurance - We cover 100% of the premiums for LT/ST Disability insurance and base Life Insurance. You also have the option to purchase supplementary life insurance through our provider. (currently US only)
    • Flexible vacation - Take time off when you need it, we trust you.
    • Paid parental leave, including adoption and foster care - 12 weeks for primary caretaker and 4 weeks for secondary caretaker.
    • 401k with 1% match - via Betterment for Business (currently US only)
    • Personal Development stipend - Up to $1,800 per year to improve your craft
    • Great tools - Each employee will be provided with a Mac laptop and 27'' display (or equivalent equipment of choice).
    • Home Office Stipend - You'll also receive $1,000 to spend on outfitting your home office, as well as up to $350 a month to rent a co-working space if you like.
    • Complete transparency - Everyone has full access to business metrics and financial information about the company.
    • 1 month ago
    • Help Scout

    Full Stack Engineer

    About the role:

    Our small team of developers is already happily doing great work. We're looking for a Full Stack Rails Engineer to join the fun and help us continue to grow.

    We use a few different frameworks and technologies, but the crucial areas where a candidate needs significant skill and experience are:

    - RubyRails
    - Postgres[ql]
    - JavaScript

    As a Full Stack Engineer, you'll be responsible for helping maintain a web application that supports millions of visitors each month and has wide visibility in the web industry. Product ownership, feature development, bug fixing, testing, caching, scaling, and performance should all be familiar concepts that you've addressed in your applications. You should be able to work independently (though we collaborate continuously) and thrive on identifying, as well as solving, problems. We like to think we're always helping each other improve, so we want someone who loves being part of a team.


    • Significant experience building applications with Ruby on Rails
    • Excellent relational database skills, knowledge of SQL, and the ability to use PostgreSQL explain plans to optimize queries
    • Experience with Memcached, Redis, and/or Elasticsearch
    • Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Sass
    • Strong understanding of REST and URL design
    • Experience using and building APIs
    • Experience building and optimizing activity streams would be a plus
    • Love of writing tests
    • Passion for always improving (yourself, the app, the company, etc.)

    Our tech stack:

    • AWS/S3/Fastly
    • Nginx/Unicorn (Puma soon, we swear!)
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Sass
    • PostgreSQL
    • Memcached
    • Redis
    • Elasticsearch

    How we roll:

    • Our development process is very lightweight: We define work items as GitHub issues, practice GitHub Flow, and ship continuously.
    • Most of our team communication happens through:
    • Slack
    • GitHub issues and pull requests
    • Weekly video team meetings & brief standups
    • Semi-Annual in-person company gatherings and occasional travel to software conferences and/or Dribbble meetups

    Some things we value highly are:

    • Collegiality and good humor
    • Testing
    • Writing skills
    • Working asynchronously
    • Zero BS
    • Puns (well, most of us)
    • Sustainability
    We encourage you to apply if you have any combination of the listed skills and this sounds like a job you'll love.
    • 1 month ago
    • Dribbble

    Site Reliability Engineer

    As a site reliability engineer at NationBuilder, you'll be part of the team responsible for the overall reliability, availability, security, and performance of our platform. You’ll recommend and implement changes across our systems and environments, evaluate new technologies, be challenged with problems to solve, and contribute to our technological direction.

    NationBuilder creates software for leaders of all kinds - political candidates, nonprofit organizations, anyone building a community of people to make something happen in the world. To learn more about NationBuilder, read about our mission and beliefs.

    We're looking for someone who:
    • Has a love of learning.
    • Thrives in a highly collaborative environment, enjoys the chance to pair with their peers, and gives and receives well crafted feedback.
    • Proficiency with one or more languages (Ruby, Go, Python).
    • Working familiarity with provisioning, automation, and configuration management solutions (terraform, puppet)
    • Operational experience with public cloud environments (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure)
    • Have at least five years experience supporting high-volume customer facing services.
    • Experience supporting and managing Docker containers from local development to production.
    • Knowledge of relational databases (Postgres) and NoSQL systems (MongoDB, Couchbase, Redis).
    • Extensive Linux experience and proficiency with the shell (bash, zsh, sed, awk), and networking concepts and protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, NTP, DNS, TLS).

    Our stack:
    Our platform is primarily built with Ruby on Rails with some additional Ruby and Go services. Data is stored in PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Couchbase, Redis, and Hadoop. All on a cloud native architecture in AWS and managed with Terraform and Puppet.

    NationBuilder is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity. We are committed to finding talent that is not determined on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.
    • 1 month ago
    • NationBuilder